7 Effective Tips to Prevent and Ease Gas in Babies

Are you worried about your baby’s gastric issues? Looking for a resolution to prevent gas in babies? If yes, then this blog is for you!

Gastric issues are very common in babies. Immature digestive systems in babies are the major reason attributing to gastric problems in them. Take a look at our 7 expert tips to relieve your baby from gastric issues and have fun all day long:

Monitor your food intake

If your breastfed baby is showing frequent signs of gastric issues then it’s high time you start monitoring your diet. Breastfed babies get affected by the diet their mothers take. The gas can also sometimes lead to constipation or diarrhoea if your baby is allergic to certain foods. 

Dairy products, spicy foods, beans and lentils, and cruciferous and aromatic vegetables are a few food items that commonly contribute to gastric problems in babies. If you are breastfeeding your baby make sure you avoid these food items and most importantly, observe your baby’s reaction to foods that you consume on a regular basis. 

The best way to understand how certain foods affect your baby’s health is by opting for trial-and-error methods. Eliminate suspected foods from your diet for one or two weeks and see if your baby gets relieved from gastric issues. Don’t forget to take suggestions from your doctor to ensure you are eating a balanced diet while eliminating the intake of certain foods.

Switch to Air-Free feeding bottles

You can also try swapping your baby’s feeding bottles to ensure they don’t swallow air during feedings. These types of bottles are specifically designed to help your baby swallow only milk and less air during bottle feeding. Feed your baby in the most comfortable way with R For Rabbit First Feed Feeding Bottle. The high-quality soft silicone breasts shaped teat helps the baby to easily latch on and the Anti-Colic Valve reduces colic by venting air into the bottle instead of the baby’s stomach.

Feed bubbles free formula 

Air bubbles in formula feed can also lead to gastric issues in babies. Ensure that you allow the formula to settle for a couple of minutes before you start feeding your baby. Also, avoid over-shaking the formula as it leads to the formation of air bubbles which in turn can make your baby gassy.

To mix the formula in the water quite well, you can try using lukewarm water instead of normal or cold water. This will help the formula dissolve effectively and the chances of air bubbles formation will also get eliminated.

Burp your baby after feeding

Burping your baby after feeding is very important. It helps your baby feel relieved as the gas pockets get released if the baby has swallowed too much air. Wondering how to burp your baby? Try any of the following methods:

  • Let your baby lay upside down on your lap and make sure their head remains higher than the chest. Don’t forget to support your baby’s head for extra support. Now gently pat or rub your baby’s back.
  • Allow your baby to rest against your chest and place their head on your shoulder. Now gently start patting or rubbing your baby’s back.

There are other positions for burping your baby apart from the two mentioned above. Do try whichever works best for you. If one position doesn’t help, feel free to try another one.

Use an age-appropriate Nipple

Choosing the right nipple for feeding your baby is very important. Make sure you opt for an age-appropriate nipple to regulate the flow of the baby formula and prevent your baby from getting gassy. 

Switch to a gas-free formula

Yes, there are formulas that are specifically designed to keep babies off gastric issues. These formulas can be easily digested and are power packed with the complete nutrition that a baby needs.

Visit your baby’s paediatrician

Seeking professional guidance is always a must especially when it comes to your baby’s health and well-being. Consult a paediatrician to help your baby feel relieved from gastric issues before it gets worse for your baby. Moreover, Your baby’s paediatrician can help you in diagnosing the issue better and provide a solution to keep your baby off gastric problems in the future.

Hopefully, you found our expert tips helpful and would definitely recommend them to other parents for their baby’s wellness. Jollee babyhood! Jollee parenting!

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