Baby Wearing: Why you should start considering it immediately

Baby wearing is an age-old practice that has lost its significance in the modern world. This practice helps your baby feel warm, and secure while you go on and about your day-to-day activities with ease.

It is a practice where a parent wears a sling or a DIY baby carrier for carrying the baby. It helps babies rest and feel physically close to their parents. You can carry your baby on your back and even on the front side, depending on what task you are doing and most importantly what makes both of you more comfortable while baby-wearing.

Baby wearing time
Baby Wearing has several other benefits apart from being a great bonding experience.

Benefits of Baby Wearing:

There are many benefits of baby wearing for both parents and the baby. Read below to know more about the advantages of using a baby carrier:

Prevents spinal deformities

Infants are always at a higher risk of developing spinal deformities. Therefore, baby wearing your infants will prevent your little one from developing major spinal deformities caused as a result of spending prolonged time lying in baby swings. It is one of the best ways to promote the proper formation of your infant’s postural muscles, spine, and cranium.

Your Baby Feels Comfortable, Safe, and Secure

Baby wearing allows your baby to remain physically closer to you for the most part of the day which is why they feel more comfortable, safe, and secure. Your baby ends up feeling more jolly, relaxed, and less cranky. It also helps in calming down a cranky baby with ease as soon as they start crying.

Baby wearing time
It helps to soothe and calm the little one

Promotes their Physical Growth and Development

Carrying your baby in an upright position is highly recommended by most doctors. It encourages your baby’s physical development and prevents any potential abnormalities which may or may not happen by spending a prolonged period of time lying on their tummies or backs.

Ensures your Baby Experiences a Better Sleep Cycle

Babies tend to sleep faster and more peacefully when their known ones are around and physically comforting them. Baby wearing your little one will help you in comforting your baby easily and putting them to sleep while you are busy attending office meetings, shopping online, or finishing your household chores.

Establishes Easy Communication and Builds a Stronger Bond

Baby wearing helps parents and their babies build a stronger bond with each other and communicate better. Moreover, it also helps your little one trust you and find better ways to communicate with you whenever they need a diaper change or feel hungry.

Babywearing your little ones
It also promotes and fosters healthy communication skills

It is essential as parents to understand the benefits of baby wearing and most importantly research the Dos and Don’ts of baby wearing. There are endless commercial baby carriers available in the market to ease parents in their baby wearing journey. Make sure you invest in the right one depending on the age of your little one and the purpose of your wanting to have one.

Happy Babywearing! Happy Parenting!

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