Can Origami Paper Craft Boost Your Child’s Focus?

An ancient Japanese art, Origami paper craft, helps in improving children’s motor skills, brain development, and creativity. Nowadays, almost all schools have included origami as a part of their curriculum. And it’s fun too!

We understand these activities do help immensely in improving concentration, spatial awareness and sense of colour as well in growing children. That is why all kids’ products- toys and books are selected very carefully by experts to not just be a source of fun but help in the overall growth of your little one as well.

So if you are a kid, do try this. If you are not – still do it to bring out the child in you 😃.
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Time : 2min

Steps : 10

Level : Easy

Step 1 : Fold a square piece of paper diagonally.

Step 2 : Fold the two horizontal pointed ends along the dotted line to match the lower point..

Step 3 : Fold the two ends upwards along the dotted line.

Step 4 : Fold the upper sheet so the lower point meets the upper point.

Step 5 : Turn over.

Step 6 : Fold in the corner points along the dotted line.

Step 7 : Fold up along the dotted line such that lower corner meets the top corner.

Step 8 : Fold down the corners along the dotted line.

Step 9 : Turn Over.

Step 10 : Done. Draw the eyes, nose and moustache using a pen or pencil.

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