Neha Makdey (Businesswoman)

About NEHA…

Inspired by her husband’s dedication to engage their toddler son, Ridhaan, Neha started Nesta Toys to provide eco-friendly, natural, open-ended toys to every child in India.

Neha has been associated with Bundle O Joy since it’s inception as foremost supplier of eco-friendly, educational toys.


“How to Leverage Social Media.”

– One thing you wish you had known before starting NESTA Toys

“My husband-cum-business partner”

– One person who has contributed most to your success

“I was reading parenting books and the idea just clicked.”

– How did you get into this business


Nesta Toys are designed by 7 principles – Eco-friendly, Creatively Designed, Skill Building, 100% Safe, Happiness, Portable and Stylish. The toys are designed to give kids a chance to figure something out on their own, to build logical thinking, and help them become persistent problem-solvers. They also help the kids learn how things fit together and develop fine motor skills.

Our Summer Bundles with NESTA TOYS…

All for Comfort (Girls)

Girls| Pre Schooler, Schooler, Pre Teens

All for Comfort (Boys)

Boys | Pre Schooler, Schooler, Pre Teens

For Your Bundle O Joy (Boys)

Boys | Infants, Toddlers