Make DIY Tie and Dye T-shirt from Flowers with Kids

Looking for some interesting DIY activity with kids? How about Tie and Dye T-shirt with flowers? It’s easy and at the same time so much fun! And yes, it is safe for the environment as well.

Plants, fruits, flowers, leaves, and vegetables are commonly used for organically tie-dyeing clothes. The natural fibres present in these organic materials give better colour as compared to synthetic fibres. The tie-dye process is less complicated and safe for not just adults but kids as well, making it a perfect DIY activity for the family. Take a look at the supplies you would need for the DIY tie-dye activity:

  • A lot of rubber bands
  • A white colour kids’ cotton t-shirt
  • A steamer or a large pot that has a steamer rack
  • Dried or fresh flowers (Hibiscus, rose petals, pansies, etc)
  • Dried or fresh leaves (optional)
Step 1

Wash the cotton t-shirt to ensure that the fabric is free from any dirt or residual chemicals. This process is important as it allows the cotton t-shirt to remain dirt free, making it easier for the fabric to absorb the organic dye better.

Step 2

Let the T-shirt dry in the sun for the next few hours. 

Step 3

Take the air-dry cotton t-shirt and lay it flat. Sprinkle the fresh/dry flowers and leaves all over the cotton t-shirt as shown in the image below.

Step 4

Now fold the cotton t-shirt over the flowers and leaves. Make sure you fold one section at a time so that you cover all the layers of flowers and leaves in each fold.

Step 5

Once the t-shirt is folded, bind and secure it with rubber bands. Don’t forget to secure the mid-point of the fabric with a rubber band.

Step 6

Take a steamer, add some water, and put it on a high flame. Once the steamer is sufficiently heated, take the rolled cotton t-shirt and put it on its steamer rack. Make sure you set it on low flame and make periodic checks to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of water in the steamer. This process shall take an hour. You can utilize this time by sharing the benefits of organic tie-dye with your kids.

Step 7

Turn off the heat after one hour and allow the rolled fabric to cool down. 

Step 8

Unroll the t-shirt once it’s cool enough and remove the petals. It might seem a little messy at this point but be patient for the final look.

Step 9

In the final step, you would need to rinse the fabric in cool water and let it air-dry for the final reveal. You will observe the colours getting a little softer and better once the fabric is air-dried. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our tie-dye activity with kids and would totally give this DIY idea a try someday. Your kids will love this activity and would look forward to more such useful experiments in the future.

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