Swati Singhal, is the founder and Principal of Tweety Tales Play School. She is a young edupreneur in the business. Her love for children is evident in her vision of bringing a noticeable change in the education sector.

Why teachers and parents should develop a friendly bond with the children?

Let’s get to know our expert!

Her preschool provides schooling, daycare and tuition services for kids who are up to 14 years of age. Most of her school kids are toddlers and preschoolers and she loves spending time with them.

She even offers education to under-privilege kids. She believes that every single child has the right to education and none of them should be deprived of their basic rights under any circumstances. Swati is very enthusiastic and we had a great time interacting with her. Read below to know more:

Love for kids

As a pre-school Principal, are you happy with the way our educational system is functioning at the moment?

Honestly speaking, as a Principal I am not very satisfied with the way our educational system is functioning since few decades. I believe in making learning a fun activity for kids. It should help them in developing a deeper knowledge and understanding of what they are supposed to know and take forward in life. As an edupreneur, I am focusing on bringing a revolution in the educational system to help kids become learned and skilled individuals in their respective journeys.

How bonded are you with the kids?

I am very much bonded with all my school kids. They are like a family. It feels so happy to see them reciprocate our love and care. They look forward to coming to our school and give a hard time to their parents when they come to receive them. Moments like these make us feel motivated to stay in the business. We give equal attention to all our kids and look forward to meet them each day.

Fun with kids

Since you meet so many parents on a day to day basis, what challenges do you feel these parents or most parents experience in the journey of parenthood?

Nowadays parent are extremely busy in their work. To keep kids entertained, they are giving them unattended and unmonitored access to mobile phones and tablets. As a result of this, most kids prefer to watch virtual content rather than interacting and playing with other kids. This wrong habit is making kids a little dull. Most preschoolers take too long to start opening up or even be able to talk and express themselves. I would suggest parents to ensure they spend time with their kids and keep them engaged as much as possible. The best is to give them an interactive environment where they can learn, interact and play at the same time.

What advice you would like to give as a principal of a school to other parents out there?

My only advice for parents is to research and have options in hand before finalizing a day care or a school for their kids. Parents should go for demo classes in few kindergartens and accordingly finalize a preschool. They should also consider the response of their kids and feel free to enquire about safety protocols followed by the school. It is important for parents to understand that kids are delicate. They are supposed to be treated with utmost care and patience. Pressurizing kids for studies and other activities is never recommended. Childhood is the only time where a kid can play and learn, so please allow them to have fun and create beautiful memories.

A story of a school Principal

How do you tackle situations when kids get cranky?

As a school Principal, I try to understand their emotional state of mind. I try to have empathy towards them in order to feel what they are going through and act responsibly. It is important to console them and give them special care and attention apart from distracting them by making them involve into new activities.

First day of school is always a memorable day for parents. What suggestions you would like to make so that the parents can make it easy and memorable for their kids too?

Parents should prep up the preschoolers in a way that the latter looks forward to coming school. They should make sure to tell them good things about their preschool and dress them up in their favourite dress and appreciate them every step of the way.

Fun at school

What essentials do a parent need to send along with their young kids when they are being sent for school and day care?

It is suggested that parents pack 2-3 extra pair of dresses plus undergarments and if the kid is less than 2 years and not yet toilet trained then 2 extra pair of diapers is a mandate depending on the number of hours to be spent in the preschool. Apart from that a water bottle, snacks tiffin(no fast food), lunch box, fruits and coloring books should also be packed.

Thank you Swati. It was a delight to hear you out. Thank you for enlightening parents out there!

My pleasure.

Kids at school

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