Wooden Blocks for Kids: A Fun Way to Develop Problem Solving Skills

HOW CAN WOODEN BLOCKS For Kids AID IN YOUR CHILD’S GROWTH?                                                      By, Suma Reddy

Wooden blocks were one of the favourite toys of my boys. They would spend hours playing with them. It was such a joy to watch them discover shapes and colours and things that they would create by stacking them up. As a mum I always wanted my boys to do things independently, hence I wouldn’t interfere much in their decision-making. As adults, we all get so tempted to either correct our children or do things for them. Pause and ponder before you do such an act. 

Let us see how these blocks will benefit your child?

Benefits of Wooden Blocks for Kids

There are so many educational benefits of block play in early childhood that this should be a regular activity in your home. Every child should grow up with a great set of wooden blocks. These will keep your child occupied and learning for years. 

  • Increased attention span

When children play with blocks and begin to construct, they usually become engrossed and spend long periods of time on their creations. They often play for longer than they normally would on other activities. This is because they are preserving to create something that they have a particular vision of. They want to build the tallest tower they’ve ever built, or they want to make a ramp that their cars can go up to reach the fort. This results in them pushing the limits of their concentration and increasing their overall attention span over time.

  • Cooperation with others

When children build with siblings or other friends, they are developing social skills, most importantly cooperation. Building a structure together takes a lot of give-and-take. Children have to share blocks, agree on what to build and how to build it, and negotiate the tasks involved. Building blocks are a great opportunity for learning to work together harmoniously with others and towards a common goal.

  • Motor skills

As your child progresses through the various stages of block play, he develops his fine motor and gross motor skills as he moves and manipulates the blocks. Gross motor refers to the large muscles responsible for big movements and fine motor skills refer to the small movements of the fingers and hands. Developing these muscles is important for your child to be able to do tasks and as well have the muscle control to hold the pencil and write in future.

  • Language Development

Playing with peers or family is a great opportunity for developing vocabulary and language concepts and words may come up. For example, as you question your child about what he is building, introduce new words to describe the building, such as taller, shorter, big, small, etc.


One of the ways building blocks a child’s development is that it is problem-solving at its best. Just about anything your child constructs will require some level of thinking about a solution. Before they start, they need to think about and plan what they will create. Then, they need to work out the mechanics of how it is going to work. How it will stand, steady and tall or wide enough, etc. You may not realize it, but this kind of thinking at such a young age is what develops the skills that enable children to solve math word problems or work creatively on school projects.

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