Travelling with Your Baby? Grab these 11 Baby Travel Must-Haves

Travelling with babies is a different adventure altogether. Factors like the weather, transportation, and bumpy roads have so much impact on any family trip especially when you are traveling with a baby. There is hardly anything you can do to overcome these issues but carrying these baby travel essentials when travelling with your little one can make your journey much easier and hassle-free.

Travel essentials for baby

Take a look at our 11 must-carry baby travel essentials for a hassle-free travelling experience:

Baby carrier

This is by far the best investment you can make in enriching your baby’s travel experience. Using a baby carrier lets you walk hands-free anywhere and everywhere and even use public transport like a pro. Needless to mention, your baby too will love being carried in a baby carrier and will hardly show any signs of discomfort.

Premium-quality baby travel system

Travelling with a baby travel system consisting of a stroller and a car seat is the ultimate essential for experiencing smooth travel with your baby. You can easily use this system both as a stroller and an infant car seat as per the need of the travel and allow your baby to have a seamless travel experience.

Travel essentials for baby

Foldable changing station

Changing your baby’s diaper can be a task while travelling. Keeping a small-sized foldable changing station in your baby’s travel bag for changing its diaper easily whenever needed is highly recommended.

Disposable bags

You will need multiple numbers of disposable bags in your baby’s travel vanity for discarding their diapers and napkins. You will even need them to keep aside used handkerchiefs, towels, and clothes for keeping your baby’s vanity clean and organized.


Carrying blankets to keep your baby warm and comfortable during travel is very important. No matter how hot the weather already is, always make sure that you are carrying separate blankets for your baby while travelling.

Skin-care products

Baby travel essentials

Don’t forget to carry baby skin-care products like lotions, powders, rash cream, etc to keep your baby’s skin safe during harsh weather conditions while you are traveling with them.

Bottled milk

Breastfeeding in public places can be an uncomfortable experience for both mothers and babies. It is always advisable to carry your breast milk or formula in a bottle for feeding your baby whenever it gets hungry. Don’t forget to carry spare bottles too to have access to sterilized bottles whenever there is a need for extra ones.

Soft towels and handkerchiefs

Stock up your baby’s vanity with a lot of soft towels, tissues, wet wipes, and handkerchiefs to keep the baby clean as much as possible without having to run out of cleaning essentials.


This one is a must-carry item that no parent should ever forget to carry. Carry different types of diapers for day and night use so that your baby can travel as comfortably as possible no matter how difficult it might get for you.

Baby clothes

Packing essentials

Try to keep a lot of clothes for your baby so that you don’t run out of them in any situation. As babies are sensitive, your kid might react a little differently while travelling. The chances of having diarrhoea are always high in the case of babies. Having multiple clothing options helps you keep your baby dry and protected considerably during the journey.

First Aid kit

Travelling with a first aid kit is super important for parents. Make sure you have antiseptic creams, cotton, bandages, and pediatrician-prescribed medicines. These will be helpful in case your baby is a little hurt or shows any sign of health discomfort.

We hope you loved reading our must-have suggestions for baby travel.

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