Not jewellery, Postpartum Care Kit is the Best Push Present!

Imagine the incredible feat that a new mother accomplishes during childbirth! So, it’s no wonder their partners start scrambling to find the perfect Push Present to acknowledge this beautiful and joyous moment. While jewellery, flowers & chocolates are nice, what a new mom really needs is something practical, that addresses the realities of postpartum recovery. Enter, A postpartum care kit!

Postpartum care kit is the best push present

What Exactly are Push Presents?

The tradition of a push present is a lovely way to acknowledge the incredible journey of childbirth and motherhood. Essentially, it’s a gift from the partner to the new mom, for her strength, sacrifice and bringing a new life into the world. Push presents are usually given after birth, but some choose to surprise the mom-to-be with it beforehand.

Is jewellery the only option for push gifts?

Traditionally, jewellery is quite a common push gift but it doesn’t have to be the only option. A push present should be meaningful, showing your love and care for the mother. That is why a Postpartum Kit is a great push gift considering that it addresses the transformative journey of childbirth and the beginning of recovery.

Why a Postpartum Kit is a Winner!

A postpartum kit is a gift that keeps on giving – a practical and thoughtful solution that addresses the very real needs of a new mom. Here’s why it’s the ultimate push present:

Focus on Self-Care

Newborn care can be all-consuming, leaving little time for the mom’s well-being. A postpartum kit provides essential items for both vaginal and perineal care, reminding her to prioritize self-care during this vulnerable time.

Postpartum care

Addresses Physical Discomfort 

Childbirth can leave a new mom feeling sore and uncomfortable. A postpartum kit typically includes items like perineal cooling witch-hazel wipes, a handheld bidet with a gentle spray etc. offering much-needed relief down there.

Juno Mom's Postpartum Kit is the best push present

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Prepares Her for the Unexpected

Let’s be honest, motherhood comes with surprises. A well-stocked kit can include items like disposable underwear, extra absorbent maternity pads, and a super handy handheld bidet or peri bottle ensuring that she’s prepared for any challenge.

A Push Present that says, “I Care.”

A postpartum kit is more than just a collection of items – it’s a message of love, support, and understanding. It shows the new mom that her well-being matters, and empowers her to take care of herself during this critical time. It is a push present that truly celebrates the power and strength of motherhood.

For a special touch, consider including a heartfelt card expressing your congratulations and offering support. This personal touch will truly make your gift stand out.

Juno Mom’s Postpartum Kit: The ultimate push present!

Take the guesswork out of the equation with the perfect postpartum care kit for new moms. Packed with high-quality, certified and mom-approved essentials like Maternity Pads, Postpartum Disposable Underwear, Witch Hazel Wipes & more, Juno Mom’s Postpartum Kit provides comfort, relief and a healing touch.

It’s the ultimate Push Gift that shows the new mom that you care about her well-being because when you bring home a baby, you bring home a mother too.

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According to WHO, more than one-third of women face lasting health problems due to childbirth. Yet postpartum care for new moms is often an afterthought. As India’s 1st postpartum care brand, Juno Mom is out to change that.

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