3 activities for kids to have fun during Onam festival

Onam festival is one of the biggest and most famous Malayali festivals celebrated majorly in Kerala, India. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the entire Indian state of Kerala. The festival is largely celebrated by Malayalis regardless of their religion, caste, and creed. Keralites celebrate this festival for welcoming their King Mahabali, who is believed to make an annual visit to Kerala every year during Onam festival. This festival is also regarded as the major harvest festival and the celebrations last for 10 days. 

Malayali festival

The best part about the Onam festival is to see people coming together and kids participating in the celebrations. New clothes, sweets, and yummy food are also the reasons why kids eagerly look forward to celebrating Onam every year. Families who have migrated from Kerala to different states miss the vibe of this festival. However, there are still a lot of activities you can do with your kids to celebrate Onam and feel connected to your roots!

Let’s take a look at the activities you can do with your kids on the occasion of Onam festival:

Make a flower rangoli (Athapookalam)

Making a flower rangoli is one of the oldest activities for Keralites to celebrate the festival of Onam. The use of both flowers and flower petals is required to make an athapookalam. Keralites start by making a flower rangoli with a single ring on the first day of the festival. They continue to add another ring on every single day of the festival. On the tenth day, the rangoli becomes huge and enhance the beauty of the Onam’s celebrations.

Onam festival

Assign your kids the task of choosing different flowers, and separating petals from the flower buds. You can also involve them by taking their help in making a flower rangoli. Don’t forget to share your childhood memories of Onam celebrations with your little ones and the reason why we celebrate this festival every year while they help you in making a flower rangoli.

Decorate elephants

Elephants are worshipped in Kerala and during the festival of Onam, these beautiful creatures are decorated with Nettipatom. It is a gold-plated ornament worn on the forehead. If you have an elephant toy or a showpiece at home, let your kids decorate them to the best of their abilities. You can involve your kids in drawing and decorating an elephant sketch using different colors and beads. This is going to be one of their favourite Onam activities and will give them memories of a lifetime.

Onam festival

Witness live boat racing activity

Boat racing is one of the best activities Keralites take part in to celebrate the joyous festival of Onam every year. Taking your kids to watch live boat racing activities will interest them more about this beautiful festival and they will look forward to joining you for this activity every year. This activity will surely take you down memory lane and you will enjoy every bit of reliving your childhood Onam days again with your little rockstars.

Onam festival

We hope you enjoy reading our suggestions and will incorporate your kids into your Onam preparations this year. Happy Onam! Happy Parenting!

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