3 Crafty and Creative Christmas DIY Ideas for Kids

Kids eagerly look forward to celebrating Christmas with their friends and family. The idea of meeting Santa Claus and receiving gifts from him makes them more excited about Christmas. Take a look at our Christmas DIY ideas for your kids and give your home decor a more personalised touch.

DIY Lamps


Empty glass bottles

Fairy lights


Making your own DIY lamp at home is super easy. All you need is a few empty glass bottles and insert some fairy lights in them and your colourful lamps are now ready. You can also make glass paintings on the bottles to give your DIY lamps an aesthetic look. For sure, your kids will enjoy this DIY activity and will look forward to decorating the house with these lamps on Christmas. 

Christmas DIY Activities are great for families to spend the holiday season together.
DIY Christmas Tree


A real or artificial Christmas tree

Fairy lights

Beautiful hangings


Fancy garland

A big star


Decorating a Christmas tree is one of the most important rituals practised worldwide during Christmas. You can either use a real or an artificial Christmas tree and take the help of your kids in decorating the tree using fairy lights, beautiful hangings, bells, fancy garlands, stars, etc. This Christmas DIY activity will not just keep your kids engaged but will also invoke their creative side.

DIY Christmas Wreath





Artificial pine leaves


Artificial fruits


Making a Christmas wreath is one of the easiest yet most underrated DIY activities. You would need to draw two equal-sized rings on cardboard using a compass and then cut them out using a scissor. In the next step, you can glue the two rings together and stick artificial leaves on them. Once dried, stick artificial flowers and fruits on the rings and your DIY Christmas wreath is now ready.

We hope you enjoy reading our ideas and would definitely incorporate them into keeping your kids entertained during the upcoming holiday season.

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