3 DIY Happy Teachers Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Teachers have a significant role to play in the life of students. Their presence and teachings tend to make a student achieve various milestones in life. After parents, children find comfort in the presence of their teachers. On this happy teachers day, let your little ones shower their teachers with lots of love and gratitude with DIY Teachers Day Gift Ideas and make it a wonderful memory for them.

Happy Teachers Day DIY ideas

Our teachers’ day DIY gift ideas below will help you create handmade beautiful gifts with your kids for their teachers:

A simple handmade card

Handmade cards are always one of the most recommended teachers day gift ideas option for your little ones. These are easy to make, affordable, and less time-consuming at the same time. You can easily get a readymade white card from your nearest stationery store or use white chart papers/ blank A4 size paper, stencil, and a few color sketch pens to help your kid create his own DIY teachers’ day cards for his teachers. 

DIY cards for Teachers Day

Next, you can sketch anything of your choice and give it to your kid for coloring or let him make his little creation to give it a more personalized look. Finally, you can help your kid use a stencil to write “Happy Teachers Day ” on the card and pack it in a readymade envelope for gifting. Your kid’s DIY teachers’ day card is now ready. 

Pen flower vase

Being a little creative with gifting will never go out of style. And it is rightly said, the power of gifting lies in its customization and the gifter’s thoughtfulness. DIY pen flower vase is one such power gifting that any teacher would love to receive on not just teachers’ day but any other day as well. You will need a cardboard cylindrical roll, a scissor, double tape, glue, colorful cellophane papers, a few pens, a ribbon, and some artificial/real flowers. 

Pen flower vase for happy Teachers Day

Use a scissor to cut a few pieces of cellophane paper and wrap each pen properly in it. Apply glue on ends to secure the wrapping of each pen and keep it aside for a few minutes. Now take a cardboard cylindrical roll and roll a double-sided tape on its center. You can now start sticking your wrapped pens on the double-sided tape and your pen vase is ready. Enhance the look of your pen vase by placing some real/artificial flowers in it. You can also add a handmade card to the pen flower vase for giving it a more personal touch. Don’t forget to tie a ribbon around the pen vase to make it look more gifting appropriate.

Spray painting

This DIY gift idea will surely make your kid enjoy his spray painting activity and his teachers too will love his unique choice of gift. You will need white chart paper, an old toothbrush, watercolors, pebbles, and a few cutouts/stickers. 

Spray painting for Happy Teachers Day

Take a white chart paper and place your kid’s choice of stickers/cutouts on it. Don’t forget to secure these cutouts/stickers using pebbles. Now take an old toothbrush and dip it in watercolors and start moving its brushes in the upward direction to spray the colors on the white paper. Keep it aside for drying once it looks ready. You can even help your little one use a stencil and write Happy Teachers Day on the spray painting using color sketch pens of his choice. Your kid’s DIY spray painting is ready for gifting!

We hope you loved our DIY teachers’ day gifting ideas and will have a good time creating these gifts with your kids. Don’t forget to appreciate your kids’ creativity and reward them for their efforts in return. Happy DIY Gifting! Happy Parenting!

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