3 parenting lessons parents can learn from Elephants

Elephants are one of the most beautiful animals on the planet. They are the largest land animals with unique physical features like trunks, floppy ears, wide legs, thick skin, and tusks. 

The three different breeds of elephants found in different parts of the world are African bush elephants, African forest elephants, and Asian elephants.

Irrespective of what breed they are, it is believed that elephants are highly social animals. They are also known to be extremely empathetic towards their herd. This particular species of animals are believed to be highly intelligent yet sensitive. Elephants as a being are always protective of their herd. They are there for each other always and whenever in need. 


Female elephants are known to be excellent mothers. Their pregnancy lasts for 2 years and they raise their young ones as single mothers. As a mother, their list of qualities is endless. Below is the inspiration you can draw from the elephants and become a better guardian to your kids:

elephants in a jungle

Large ears

Elephants are the only discovered animals with large and floppy ears. Their large ears help them in becoming good listeners and making well-informed decisions. But how is it relevant to parenting? Read below to know more.

Parents often tend to ignore the thoughts and perspectives of your children, only to regret it later. This sheer ignorance often leads to severe anxiety issues and insecurities in children.

It even makes them feel unworthy of anything in life. You will need to ensure that you are your child’s go-to person in every situation. This will help your children overcome the possibility of getting impacted by childhood traumas of not being valued in life.

Listening to your kids more, letting them feel valued, staying available for them, and giving them support wherever needed are one of the best qualities you can imbibe from elephants and become a better parent.


Elephants are thick-skinned beings. This metaphoric reference to an elephant’s physical structure represents the need for humans to become immune to the negative actions of other beings.

There might be multiple situations during a day where you feel you can lose your temper because of your kid’s notorious activities. In such situations, you should develop the quality of ignoring petty matters and become sensitive towards your young ones by forgiving them immediately rather than retaliating in a manner that only ends up making you more guilty.

Indulging in meditation, breath work, and yoga practices can help you in the long run in strengthening your patience levels and making better-informed decisions instead of impulsive ones.

African elephants

Forever protective of little elephants

Parents are always protective of their children. Elephants too, like human parents, feel the need to forever protect their children and keep them safe in every way possible.

It is important for you to learn from an elephant the fact that your child is your responsibility rather than forcing your thoughts and decisions on them just because you have all rights to do so. Parents should always be aware of how their decisions can impact the well-being of their children. They should learn to act in their best interest to provide the latter with the kind of life they deserve to live.

An animal exhibiting kindness, understanding, and strong compassion towards one another is quite an unbelievable sight. We hope you enjoyed reading this piece and imply the qualities of an elephant in your parenting journey. Happy smooth parenting! Happy National Elephant Day!

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