3 Wonderful DIY Dream Catcher Ideas for kids

Dream catchers started in the mid-1800s by the Ojibwe tribe and later became an integral part of Native American culture. 

The Concept behind inventing a Dream Catcher

Native Americans invented the concept of dream catchers to help sleepers have a sound sleep filled with only good dreams. They believe that both good and bad dreams fill the night air. Hanging a dreamcatcher near the bed while sleeping does the job of catching only good dreams for the sleeper.

The dream catchers are thoughtfully designed in a manner that allows only good dreams to pass through them. It is believed that good dreams can successfully pass through the dream catcher. Good dreams are smart enough to slip through the uneven holes and slide down the dream catcher. Bad dreams, on the other hand, get tangled and eventually fail to reach the sleeper.

Sounds interesting, right? But do you know dream catchers are ideally used by parents worldwide to help their children stay away from nightmares while sleeping? Yes, you heard that right!

Wondering how you can find dream catchers for your little ones? Take a look at our 3 interesting DIY dream catcher ideas and try making one for yourself at home:

Supplies you will need:

Wooden embroidery hoop

Colourful Yarns

Colourful Tapes




Artificial flowers and leaves

Radium stickers and hangings

Basic Step by step process:

Step 1: Take a wooden embroidery hoop and start rolling colourful tape on it. You can use multiple colourful tapes to make the hoop look more creative.

Step 2: Now take a yarn and start rolling it on the hoop.


Dream catcher made with feathers

DIY dreamcatcher with feathers is super easy to make. All you have to do is take a few feathers and tie them to yarn. To enhance the look, you can take colourful yarns and feathers. Once done tie the yarn to the wooden embroidery loop. Your dreamcatcher made with feathers is now ready for use.

Dream Catcher made with radium stickers and hangings

Does your little one love radium lights too? We know they do! Try making this DIY dream catcher with radium hangings and help your kids sleep better. Simply take a few radium hangings and tie them to colourful yarn. Next, you need to attach them to the wooden embroidery loop. You can also take a few radium stickers and stick them on the loop to enhance the overall look of the Dream catcher.

Dream Catchers made with artificial leaves and flowers

Do you love flora too? If yes, then this dream catcher made with artificial leaves and flowers is a must-try DIY. Take a few pieces of yarn and attach artificial flowers and leaves to them. Finally, attach them to the wooden embroidery loop and your dream catcher made with artificial flowers and leaves is ready to be used as a wall hanging.

We hope you loved reading our DIY dream catcher ideas and would definitely give this activity a try with your kids at home. Jollee kids’ time! Jollee parenting!

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