5 Amazing Tips on Healthy Food for Kids During Winters

Winters are almost here and it is time to be extra cautious with your little one’s health. Check out these 5 Amazing Tips on Healthy Food for Kids that can help you in keeping your toddlers warm and healthy during winter:

Jowar/bajra chapatis

Switch to jowar/bajra chapatis this winter season to keep your toddlers warm. Make sure you serve them along with jaggery, cooked pulses, and veggies. Your toddler would definitely love these chapatis and would look forward to mealtime every day.


Amla is highly recommended for toddlers. This superfood is rich in Vitamin C and is easily available during the winter months. Your toddler might find it a little difficult to eat raw amlas as they taste a bit sour. It is best if you make candies out of amlas for your toddlers and let them enjoy it all by themselves.

Sweet potatoes 

Winters are the best time to binge on sweet potatoes. You can serve either boiled sweet potatoes or make yummy recipes out of them for your toddlers to enjoy eating them.

Green leafy vegetables

The availability of green leafy vegetables is higher during the winter months. Most of these vegetables are high in nutrients and are highly recommended for toddlers. Try different recipes out of these vegetables and introduce them to your toddler’s daily diet. 


Soups are easy to make and are super-healthy. Try different recipes to prepare yummy soup for your toddlers and let them have it every evening. A bowl of soup a day during winter will help you make your toddler more healthy and keep warm all day.

In addition to these, you can also introduce jaggery, nuts, and winter-appropriate fruits to your toddler’s diet and help them remain well-prepared to beat the winter weather.

We hope you loved reading our winter food suggestions for your toddler and would definitely incorporate them into their daily diet.

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