5 Amazing Tips to keep Newborns Warm and Cozy in Winter

Winters have almost arrived and it is that time of year when most parents get extra cautious with their newborns. We know keeping your newborns warm to protect them from cold might get super challenging during winter. Despite how difficult it might get, it is important for you to regulate your baby’s body temperature. 

Take a look at a few of our important tips and keep your baby warm during the wintertime.

Choose good quality diapers for your baby

Babies tend to poop and pee at irregular intervals. Also, it is possible for your babies to pee more often during winter. So, making your infant wear a good quality diaper for the most part of the day is important. This tip will help you minimize the probability of your child getting wet and catching a cold during winter. It will also save you from the hassle of frequently changing your baby’s clothes and needing to clean them often. Checkout Jollee’s Range of Re-Usable and Adjustable Cloth Diapers

Cover them appropriately

Covering your newborn from head to toe is a must during wintertime. Make sure you don’t make your baby wear uncomfortable clothes. Try to dress your baby in clothes that are easy to wear and extra warm. Since babies are more vulnerable than adults, it is best to make your baby wear one extra layer of clothes than you.

Wrap them in a thick swaddling blanket

Wrapping your newborn in a thick swaddling blanket is very important during winter, especially the nighttime. The blanket will make your baby warm and cozy while your baby will enjoy uninterrupted sleep all night long. You can opt for keeping your baby in a wearable blanket to ensure they don’t kick the blanket off while sleeping. Explore Jollee’s Handpicked Range of Soft and Skin Friendly Swaddles for Babies

Keep the windows and doors shut

It gets windy during winter, making people fall sick. As newborns are extremely delicate and vulnerable, ensure you keep all doors and windows shut especially during nighttime.

Keep their skin moisturized 

We all know winters can lead to dry skin, especially in babies. Babies have very delicate skin as compared to adults. This makes it extremely essential for parents to moisturize their newborn’s skin so that the baby remains rash-free all day. Jollee’s Baby Skincare Essentials will protect and nourish your newborn’s delicate skin.

We hope you found our tips helpful and that you would incorporate them into keeping your newborn warm this wintertime. Jollee winters! Jollee parenting!

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