5 Important Life Lessons Spider-man taught us in the comics

Are your kids die-hard fans of Spiderman too? We know they are! Here are 5 essential life lessons your kids’ favourite Spider-man has for them:

Family comes first  

It is always important to prioritize your family over everyone else and protect the ones you love no matter how difficult it may get at times. Spider-man taught this beautiful lesson of putting your family first when he lost Uncle Ben who he was very close to. The moment he lost his beloved uncle, he knew it was his primary duty to protect the latter’s wife and other immediate family members who remained. Keeping in mind the need to protect Aunt May, he even almost gave up on being a Spider-man. Peter’s love and care for his family are awe-inspiring and there is so much for kids to learn from him.

Education is Important

Spider-man encourages children to take their studies seriously. The right mix of education, smartness and some extraordinary superpowers helped him become a superhuman. With this, the makers of the Spider-man comics want little children to value their education and take it more seriously no matter what background they come from. The makers inspire young children to balance education with play and empower themselves for the future.

It is okay to ask for help

It is important to be self-dependent. However, the need to be over-self-dependent can become a matter of concern. Spider-man learned this life lesson a very hard way and he still seems to be working on it. There have been times when he didn’t consider asking for help and ended up feeling overburdened. As a result of not asking for help, Spider-man had to face a lot of consequences and eventually realized the need to take help at times. Having said that, it is important for children to differentiate between situations that can be self-handled and that cannot be self-handled. 

Always help

Spider-man believes that one should help the other without being biased. He has always been there to help others irrespective of the fact whether they are his friends, enemies, or even strangers for that matter. The character aims to inspire young children to become helpful towards everyone and be there for them as and when they need it.

Never lose hope

Spider-man is one of the most inspirational fictional characters. With this interesting character, the makers of the Spider-man comics want children to remain inspired and motivated in life. They want young children to remain hopeful in life no matter what situations they get to deal with. Spider-man’s life journey is no less than a roller coaster ride but the way he managed to deal with everything and succeed at it proves we can achieve everything only if we are mentally strong. The comics intend to inspire young children to remain confident and develop a never say never attitude in life.

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