Top 5 Reasons Why Pandal Hopping Is Must for Kids This Festive Season

Kids are always up for learning new things. If you are a parent too, consider taking your kids for pandal hopping this festive season and help them experience a different adventure altogether. 

Goddess Durga

Take a look at the 5 reasons to know why a pandal visit is an important activity for your kids:

Treat to the eyes

The hard work that goes beyond constructing a pandal is commendable and it is quite evident from how it turns out to be. The vibe of the pandal hits differently no matter what age you are. The art, colors, idols, interiors, etc. are the reasons why a pandal visit is a must for everyone, especially kids. Your kids will adore the beauty of the pandals and will eventually look forward to more such family moments every year. 

Lightings of Durga Puja

Pandal Hopping is the Perfect opportunity and place for clicking family pictures

Pandal hopping and clicking pictures always go hand in hand. You get the best background for the pictures and lots of reasons to go click and click. A variety of street food, fun games, fun rides, street lights, etc. will give you endless moments of joy and opportunities to click countless family pictures. Do consider going pandal hopping with your little rock stars and have a great family time together.

Makes learning a fun activity

Visiting a pandal with kids during the festivals will make learning a fun activity for your little ones. Since most pandals are theme-based, you can easily use them to your advantage and explain to your little companions the concept and every single detail that can help your kid in learning new things. Pandal visits will make it easier for you to explain kids about festivals and the reasons why we celebrate them.

Pandal hopping: a good learning opportunity

Strengthens family bonding

Hopping pandals with family is always one of the most precious ways of family bonding. The struggle to get inside a pandal and do live darshan while mesmerizing its intricate interior work at the same time might look like a pain but the overall experience of visiting a pandal hits different with family, especially when you have your little ones along who are curiously asking innumerable questions every step of the way. Your kids will love the idea of visiting pandals and might unload too many questions for you to answer. We hope you do your research well and be prepared!

Pandal hopping with family

Pandal Hopping can be a fond memory to remember

Life is like a photo album in progress that captures every single experience we come across. Help your kids click and align the best photographs in their life’s photo album that they can revisit and cherish forever. Pandal hopping with your kids is one of the best memories you can give them every year during the festive season. This will make them more excited about festivals and look forward to family get-together moments.

Durga Puja in pandals

This upcoming festive season, we hope you enjoy pandal hopping and click more pictures with your little posers. Looking back at your family pictures will only bring a big smile to your face and you will cherish these memories with your kids forever. We are sure your kids will jump with joy and excitement every time they get to visit pandals with you. Jollee Pandal Hopping! Jollee Parenting!

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