5 Teachers Day Activities your kids can do to show love for their teachers

Children have a never-ending love for their teachers. After parents, it is the teachers who kids are believed to trust the most. If your children enjoy going to school then know that it is mostly because of their teachers. This National Teachers Day, do not forget to celebrate teachers and their priceless contribution to adding value to your child’s upbringing and encouraging them to walk on the right path. Here are 5 Teachers Day Activities your little ones can do to express their gratitude for their teachers on the 5th of September:

Happy Teachers Day

DIY gifts

Handmade gifts are always special. The enhanced personal touch makes it easier for the receiver to easily connect with the intentions of the sender and feel his emotions by merely just looking at the gift. Involve your children in making some DIY gifts like a greeting card, spray paint, pen vase, crayon bouquet, etc. Don’t forget to ask your kids the reasons why they like their teachers and make a special thank you note thanking the latter for their valuable contribution to your kid’s education and upbringing.

Happy Teachers Day

Create a thank you speech

Teachers deserve a lot of appreciation in the form of thank you speeches. Ask your kids what they like about their teachers and incorporate all the pointers into writing a thank you speech. You will also need to help your little ones by heart the speech and practice a number of times before they are ready to deliver their actual performance. Don’t forget to develop the morale of your munchkins and remind them how perfect they are in their practice sessions.

Thank you dear teacher. Happy teachers day

Practice a thank-you performance with your kid

Kids rarely get a chance to perform with their parents. It is time you start considering delivering some performances with your little ones. You can choose to sing, dance, or even deliver a skit with your kids to express your gratitude towards their teachers. The idea is to choose whatever you are comfortable with keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of your child. You can even record your performance and send it to the teachers on WhatsApp in case there is no option to perform in school. Your audience will love your warm gesture and will look forward to your next performance with your little rockstar.

happy teachers day

Baking together for Teachers day

Kids love the process of baking. On this day, you can involve your kids in baking some cookies for gifting purposes. You can involve them in pre-baking activities while explaining to them why we celebrate this day. Don’t forget to motivate your kids for their efforts and teach them the importance of respecting teachers in life. For sure your kids will enjoy the process of baking and their teachers too will enjoy munching on your cookies made especially for them. 

Baking is fun

Shoot a thank-you performance

Virtual appreciation is the new normal now! You can utilize the virtual setup and shoot a surprise performance video with your kids to thank their teachers for their contribution in your child’s education. You can even make a video by collating various pictures of the teachers available on the school’s website. No matter what virtual thank you content you decide upon, remember it is still going to be the best and the teachers will definitely love your gesture.

Virtual appreciation

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