5 Values of Shri Ganesha That Every Kid Must Follow in Life

Ganpati festival is one of the most awaited Hindu festivals of the year. As the name suggests, this festival is all about worshipping and welcoming Shri Ganesha with colourful flowers, fruits, and his favourite sweets: Modaks and Besan Laddu. 

Shri Ganesha is worshipped because of his wisdom, life lessons, and values. Children from a very young age should learn about the values of Shri Ganesha to become better and smarter as individuals in life. 

Shri Ganesha

Take a look at the 5 values of Shri Ganesha that every young kid should follow in life:

Respect for parents

It is rightly said that charity begins at home. Having respect for everyone around you but failing to respect your parents is never acceptable. Lord Ganesha had immense love and respect for his parents, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He always treated his parents as the centre of his Universe. To become successful in life has so much to do with having love and respect for your parents. Young kids should always prioritize their parents and treat them with utmost respect.

Listening skills

It is okay to be a speaker but it is excellent to be a good listener. Lord Ganesha is known for his wisdom and knowledge and his large ears are a symbolic reference to his superb listening skills. Becoming a good listener is very important for young kids. It helps them in acquiring the right knowledge and becoming more skillful in life. It even helps them in becoming smarter and wiser.

Self-awareness and self-acceptance

Becoming self-aware is very important in life to learn about your potential and limitations. However, self-acceptance is even more important for any individual. Most people are self-aware but they fail to accept themselves. This hinders their self-growth and development.

The ability to be kind to yourself and have self-acceptance will only make you ahead in your life. It is important for young kids to feel encouraged and have self-acceptance in life to combat any difficult situation where their capabilities are put to test. Self-awareness and acceptance will only make young kids more intellectual and confident of who, what, and how they are as an individual.

An attitude of Gratitude

Being humble is the only way forward in life. No matter how harsh and difficult times you have gone through, make sure you are grateful in life and have respect for yourself and everyone around you. Young kids should always treat others with respect and preserve their kindness in every step of their life. Life isn’t going to get easier but it would feel less complicated and very much worth living once you become more humble, kind, and respectful in life. 

Being Dutiful

No matter how big or small challenges you face in life, always try to remain dutified. Young kids should never forget to consciously seek their parents’ blessings in life and worship them before anyone else. Obeying your parents and fulfilling their wishes should always be your most important duty in life. Young kids should always let their parents know how much they love and care for them. Learn to apologize and rectify things but never be disrespectful towards your parents. Always be thankful to your parents and have empathy towards them like Lord Ganesha. 

Lord Ganesha virtues

There is so much to learn from Lord Ganesha. His qualities, values, virtues, wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, and super strong beliefs are the most important reasons why he is worshiped for centuries. During this Ganpati festival, let your kids learn about every aspect of Lord Ganesha and his life lessons and help them become wiser, smarter, and kinder as individuals. We hope you enjoy your Ganpati festival and utilize this time in encouraging your kids to become a better version of themselves. Jollee Ganpati festival! Jollee Parenting!

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