5 Reasons Why a Postpartum Kit is the Best Baby Shower Gift!

Everyone knows the baby shower drill: The adorable onesies, piles of tiny socks, and enough stuffed animals to fill a zoo. But let’s be honest, amidst the flurry of cute and cuddly, there’s often one essential missing: mom’s well-being.

What's the best gift for baby shower?

After childbirth, a lot of care and attention goes towards the baby, as it should but what about the mom? Childbirth is a transformative experience, however, it also takes a toll on a mother’s body, leaving it sore and tender. That’s where a Postpartum Kit swoops in.

It’s the perfect baby shower gift for a new mom about to embark on an incredible journey.

What’s in a Postpartum Kit?

A postpartum kit includes various essentials that help a new mother heal, recover and thrive after childbirth. It usually includes the following:

Maternity Pads: Just after childbirth, new moms experience lochia, a discharge that is similar to her periods but a bit heavier. Maternity pads are designed to handle this flow with a super absorbent core and an extra long & wide design.

Postpartum kit for baby shower

Postpartum Disposable Underwear or Fixator: A postpartum disposable underwear or a fixator is an Ulta-Soft and Stretchable underwear designed to keep your maternity pad in place and prevent leaks. It’s all about No-Fuss Hygiene – Breathable Material for Airflow and disposable design to reduce laundry load during recovery.

Witch-Hazel Wipes for Moms: Witch Hazel wipes are soft and pre-moistened wipes with soothing Witch-Hazel Extracts. They have a cooling effect which reduces any irritation down there. You can line these wipes inside your Maternity Pad and you can also use them to pat dry the tender vaginal area after going to the bathroom. Since using toilet paper can be too harsh, these are very effective.

Handheld Bidet or Peri Bottle: A handheld Bidet is seriously a new mom’s BFF! Bathroom visits postpartum irritate a mother’s sore perineal area, and using a regular bidet or toilet paper on top of that is even more uncomfortable. A handheld bidet or peri bottle gently cleans the area with a gentle spray without causing any spray or irritation.

Abdominal Binder: Abdominal Binders provide gentle compression to the abdominal muscles and targeted support to reduce postpartum discomfort. It aids healing with proper alignment of abdominal muscles.

Grip Socks: Grip socks are extra soft and cozy socks with Anti-Skid Soles that help moms maintain their balance and provide extra warmth during postpartum chills which are quite common.

Explore a well-curated Postpartum Kit by Juno Mom on Jollee. Juno Mom’s postpartum kit is designed to make recovery smoother and more comfortable for new moms.

5 reasons why you should give postpartum kit as a Baby Shower Gift

Practical & Necessary: Postpartum care in a box

Let’s face it, postpartum recovery isn’t always glamorous. Discomfort and pain are part of the course.

Therefore a well-curated postpartum kit can be a lifesaver, packed with items that provide much-needed relief. Hence, postpartum care in a box is a very useful Baby Shower Gift!

Immediate Use: Helps a mom become Postpartum-Ready

Unlike some baby gifts that might not be used for months e.g. a baby walker, a postpartum kit is needed right away. It provides immediate comfort and support during a crucial time. And not just that, it also helps an expecting mom feel more prepared for the journey after childbirth.

Decreases the risk of Lasting Health problems due to childbirth

According to WHO, more than a third of women face long-lasting health problems due to childbirth. Some of these problems include Perineal Pain, Loss of Bladder Control, Lower Back Pain etc. That’s why Postpartum Care & support for moms is necessary.

A postpartum kit promotes a safe and healthy recovery, decreasing the risk of lasting health problems

Reduces Decision Fatigue

New moms are bombarded with choices, from diapers to breastfeeding techniques. A postpartum kit takes some of the mental load off by providing a selection of trusted products they can rely on.

Helps Prepare the Hospital Bag

While packing the hospital bag, expecting parents usually carry all the essentials for their newborn, like a swaddle, baby clothes etc. but what about the mom? There are several essentials that new moms need immediately right after childbirth. This includes postpartum underwear, maternity pads for lochia, handheld bidet for her first bathroom visit afterwards. A postpartum kit takes care of all that!

Juno Mom’s Postpartum Kit is the ultimate Baby Shower Gift!

The postpartum period is one of the most crucial times in a mother’s life. It requires and deserves extra care and attention. Juno Mom’s Postpartum Kit is the ultimate 4th trimester essential. It helps new moms heal, recover and adapt to the changes their bodies undergo.

This all-in-one care package promotes the healing process of a mother’s body after childbirth. Explore Juno Mom’s Postpartum Kit today and help new mothers become postpartum-ready!

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