Krishna Janmashtami Fun: 6 Creative Activities for Kids

Krishna Janmashtami is a festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. This annual Hindu festival is also popularly known as Gokulashtami and Krishnashtami. 

It is one of the most celebrated annual Hindu festivals. Devotees of Lord Krishna across the world observe fast and offer delicacies on his birthday. The celebrations go on for two days as Lord Krishna is believed to have taken birth on the eighth day of the dark fortnight of Bhadrapada, an auspicious month that falls between August and September.

krishna Janmashtami

On the very first day of Janmashtami, devotees keep a fast and start their preparations for Krishna Jayanti celebrations. This is a perfect day for parents to involve their children in Janmashtami preparations. It helps in instilling faith and devotion towards Lord Krishna in kids from a very young age.

Take a look at our 6 creative activity suggestions for your kids to enjoy and celebrate Lord Krishna’s birthday this year:

Mandatory temple visit

It is highly recommended you visit a temple with your kids and family on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami. Most temples organize a kirtan on Krishnashtami where they narrate the birth story of Lord Krishna and preach his teachings. 

Temple visit with kids on krishna janmashtami

Taking kids to such an event will help them in learning about Lord Krishna from an early age. It will make them look forward to learning more about Lord Krishna’s qualities and his way of life. Your kids will also love to see the enthusiasm in the devotees of Lord Krishna and motivate them to take part in the celebrations ahead.

Making a Rangoli on Krishna Janmashtami

Kids enjoy playing with colours. Encouraging them to assist you in making a footstep rangoli for welcoming Lord Krishna can never be a bad idea. Sceptical about letting your kids make rangoli with colours? Opt for a rangoli that can be made with colourful flowers and enhance the aesthetic vibes o

Rangoli making with kids to welcome Kanha

Decorating an Aarti ki Thali

Aarti is a very important and sacred part of any Hindu festival. Devotees perform aarti using a thali which has a lot of colorful flowers, prasad, and a burning flame in it. Making your kids participate in decorating an aarti ki thali for Krishna Janmashtami can be an interesting task altogether. 

Aarti ki thalli decoration with kids

You can let them decorate the thali using colorful flowers and get as creative as possible with the decoration. Undoubtedly, this is going to be one of the best Krishnashtami activities for your kids. For sure, they will love to see the use of their decorated thali for Aarti.

Watching animated Krishna-centric movies with family

Animated movies can have a strong impact in imparting knowledge and education to children in their early days of childhood. Playing animated Krishna-centric movies for your kids will make it easier for them to know about Lord Krishna’s birth story and his learnings as well.

Birth story of Lord Krishna

This is the perfect way for making learning a fun activity for your little ones and helping them imbibe the qualities of Lord Krishna at a very young age.

Colouring activities 

Most kids love to engage themselves in colouring activities. This Krishna Janmashtami let your kids dabble in Krishna colouring and painting activities while you do the major preparations for the puja at home. 

Coloring activities on krishna Janmashtami

You will be amazed to see the enthusiasm and devotion in your little ones while they are colouring Lord Krishna’s sketches.

Dress them up as Kanha and Radha

Dressing up your munchkins as Kanha and Radha while narrating to them the birth and life story of Lord Krishna is the most creative way to enlighten them about the reasons why devotees celebrate Krishnashtami. Your kids will enjoy being dressed as little Kanha and Radha and will look forward to the celebrations ahead.

krishna janmashtami dress ideas for your Kanha

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Happy Parenting! Happy Janmashtami!

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