6 tips to keep kids safe and healthy from monsoon illnesses

Monsoon is the most awaited season of the year. Cloudy skies, gentle breeze, rains, earthy smell, and soothing weather make monsoons an extremely pleasant and perfect season for all, especially kids. As parents and caregivers, you need to exercise preventive care measures and let your kids indulge in healthy eating habits as the rainy season can impact their immune systems and lead to various types of illnesses and allergies in them. Here are 6 helpful tips for keeping your kids safe and healthy from monsoon illnesses:

Keep kids safe and healthy this monsoon

Healthy eating habits

Ensuring children have a balanced and healthy diet is important to strengthen their immune system, especially during the monsoon season. Adding seasonal fruits and a variety of fresh vegetables in your kid’s diet along with a decent amount of nuts and dry fruits will keep them healthy and strong.

Covered clothing

Monsoon season is accompanied by unpredictable changes in weather patterns. On most days, you can expect the weather to be hot and humid in the daytime while pleasant at night. It is suggested that during hot and humid weather conditions, kids should wear soft and breathable clothing while a little thicker and covered clothing during the nighttime.

Full clothing

Access to clean water

Kids are highly sensitive not just emotionally but physically too. To keep your kids safe and healthy, you will need to ensure even the slightest possibility of your kids getting ill is eliminated. Always make sure that your kids get enough access to clean water especially when they are away from home for a longer time.

Protection against mosquitoes

Rainy season is the time when mosquitoes tend to multiply faster. Keeping your kids indoors, clearing the stagnant water in and around your house, applying a doctor-prescribed mosquito repellent cream, covered clothing and use of a mosquito net are a must to keep your kids’ safe from deadly mosquito bites.

Mosquito repellent

Invest in good quality rainwear

As parents, it is challenging for you to keep your kids indoors during monsoon season. But it is possible to take care of them while they are outdoors, especially when it is raining. All you would need to do is invest in premium quality raincoats and umbrellas for your kid’s safety, comfort and well-being. Go for funky rain gears to keep your kids super excited about wearing them whenever the weather may suggest so.

Kids rainwear

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Let your kids enjoy monsoons with these useful tips while you ensure their needs like suitable clothing, personal hygiene, and a balanced diet are met. 

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