8 Must-Buys in Monsoon for kids: Ready, Set, Rain

Kids love monsoons and nothing can stop them from enjoying their favorite season. Getting drenched in the rains and splashing water is always on their minds. As parents sometimes, you might be unable to keep your kids safe from contracting monsoon illnesses. However, having the right essentials in monsoon for kids can help you let your kids enjoy the rain and stay most protected from illnesses and allergies at the same time.

Monsoon essentials

Check out these 8 must-buy monsoon essentials for your munchkins:

Fancy yet sturdy umbrella

The most substantial gear during the monsoon is an umbrella. Make sure to invest in a premium quality umbrella that is sturdy and can be easily carried by them. Also, look for the funky prints, designs, and colors on the umbrella to make your kid feel enthusiastic about using it as and whenever it rains.

Sturdy umbrella for your kids

Full-sized raincoat

Heavy rains and winds can impact the utility of an umbrella and no parent would want their kids to get drenched and fall sick. To avoid this situation, it is strongly recommended to buy raincoats that provide maximum coverage and have ample space for kids to adjust their school bags in it. You can pick bright color raincoats for your kids with super-cool prints to make them look more appealing to them.

full sized raincoat in monsoon for kids

Anti-slip footwear

Rains are pleasant until you don’t get to step out and experience the mess it creates. Chances of kids slipping on the streets and floors are higher after it rains. Make sure you keep their feet clean. Also, make your kids wear footwears that prevent them from slipping on the streets.

Anti-slip footwear

Warm clothing

Kids are highly prone to contracting monsoon illnesses and allergies. To keep them safe, always ensure your kids wear warm clothing irrespective of whether them being indoors or outdoors. Warm and breathable jackets, socks, and full-length pants are must-have monsoon essentials for your little ones.

Warm clothing as monsoon essentials

Water-proof school bags

Daily travel and extreme weather conditions cannot be eliminated from your kid’s school experience. However, investing in the right essentials can make their schooling experience much better. Ensure that your kids carry their belongings in a waterproof bag during monsoon. Apart from that, your kids can also carry a few poly bags in their bags for accommodating wet towels, umbrellas, and raincoats.

Water-proof school bags

High absorbent towels

There is a high probability for kids to get wet in rain no matter how good and sturdy rain gear they use to keep themselves protected. A high absorbent yet quick-to-dry towel is a must-have for your kids during rains so that they can easily dry themselves as and whenever needed.

Vacuum-insulated hot and fresh lunch box

For providing maximum protection to your children against monsoon illnesses and strengthening their immune system, investing in vacuum insulated hot and fresh food is highly recommended. This lunch box will keep your kid’s lunch hot for maximum hours and will let your kids have real-time access to hot and fresh home-cooked meals even when they are away from home.

Vacuum insulated hot and fresh lunch box

Extra set of clothes

Packing an extra pair of clothes for your kids especially when they are going to be away from home is suggested. This will allow them to change to clean clothes whenever they get wet. Your child will be comfortable in dry clothes and the chances of them getting viral infections will be eliminated.

Extra set of clothes as monsoon essentials

Kids always find monsoons magical. They tend to enjoy every bit of it but as parents, it is difficult to not get worried about your kid’s well-being. With proper care and these must-haves, your kid will remain free from monsoon sickness. We hope you take good care of your kids while they create memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.

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