9 Amazing Life Lessons Kids can learn from the Marvel movies and comics

The MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is loved by both kids and adults worldwide. Not just Marvel movies but Marvel comics too have a strong fan base and there is absolutely no reason why you should be missing out on any of them. The amazing storyline, surprising turn of events, brilliant cinematography, and class-apart superhumans are reasons why audiences go crazy for MCU.

The best part about MCU is the valuable life lessons taught by its Marvel characters. These essential life lessons can help parents become pro at parenting, helping them raise conscious and empowered children for the future. Take a look at the 9 most important life lessons that the MCU intends to teach its audience through its Marvel movies and comics.

Embrace your uniqueness

Very often we tend to compare ourselves with others. This is how we start to feel low about ourselves and end up getting disappointed in life. The need to compare with others is especially observed in kids and as parents, it is our responsibility to help young kids understand how important and beautiful it is to be unique and different from others. Not just children but parents should also embrace their child’s uniqueness and stop comparing them with other kids. Just like Marvel characters who teach us to accept ourselves as we are and embrace our uniqueness. This life lesson will go a long way and help parents like you raise confident and jollier children for the years to come.


It is a sad state of affairs when we daily come across incidents where people remain divided and have zero humanity towards one another. Almost every school teaches its students the importance of staying united but as kids grow they forget to implement this beautiful life lesson. As parents, we must teach our children to believe in teamwork rather than staying divided. We can start by teaching our children to keep their egos aside and patch them up when they fight with their friends. It is also important for them to treat each other equally and stop discriminating against others for whatsoever reason.

Comfort zone kills opportunities

Most of us want to have a comfortable life and that’s understandable. However, one cannot expect to lead a comfortable life by not stepping out of their comfort zone. Yes, staying in our comfort zone can make our life stagnant and might drive us away from achieving excellence. In simple words, the comfort zone kills opportunities! We need to teach our kids to become confident and brave as individuals in life and make bold decisions that help them go beyond their comfort zone and accomplish their predetermined goals. The coming generation should know that they should never give up, instead stand firm in life and go after what they believe is right for them.

Be your own Superhero

Yes, our favourite Marvel characters also teach us to be our own superheroes. Often we tend to rely on others for our happiness and this is something that we need to rectify. As parents, you need to teach your kids to be self-dependent and know how to rescue themselves as and whenever they need. With this, they will also learn how to empower themselves and prioritize their own needs before anyone else.

Admit and own your mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone dares to accept and own their mistakes. This is why it becomes important for kids to learn the need to admit when they are wrong and own their mistakes. It will help them remain grounded and become stronger emotionally.

Make quality friends

Making friends is easier for kids as they are less judgmental and more easygoing. However, sometimes making quality friends can be a task for your little ones. Kids just like superheroes need to be selective of people and learn the skill of identifying quality friends. This attribute will help your kids in making friends for a lifetime, feel motivated and stay away from bad influences.

Be a Superhero for others

Kids are no less than a superhero for any parent. However, as parents, it is essential to teach our children that just like them there are others as well who are waiting to meet their favourite superheroes. Inspire your kids to take part in noble deeds and contribute towards making others happy as and when they find a chance to do it. You can teach them how to become a superhero by motivating them in contributing towards the wellness of society, spend time with the less fortunate, or even feed stray animals.

Stay away from unhealthy habits

Childhood is the ideal time for a child to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy habits. Their favourite Marvel characters also happen to teach them the need to break unhealthy patterns like unhealthy eating habits, bad friendships, cussing, disrespect for others, lying, people pleasing, always saying yes, underestimating oneself, disregarding personal well-being, etc. Once children can differentiate, it becomes easier for them to resort to healthy choices and lead healthier lifestyles.

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