Amazing DIY Laxmi Ji Charan Paduka Activity With Kids

Laxmi Ji Charan Paduka is a beautiful representation of Goddess Laxmi’s feet. It is a must-have in almost every Hindu household. It is regarded as an auspicious element that is used for both religious and decorative purposes during festivals like Diwali.

If you have kids at home, make sure you make your own Shree Laxmi Charan Paduka for the upcoming festivals. This DIY activity is sure to keep your kids engaged and will also enhance your house decorations for Diwali.

Take a look at how you can involve your kids in the DIY Laxmi Ji Charan Paduka activity and make your home Diwali ready:

Things you may need for DIY Laxmi Ji Charan Paduka:


White chart paper

Sketch pens

Pencil colours


Colourful beads

Kitchen turmeric (organic)


Stainless steel plates


Procedure for making DIY Laxmi Ji Charan Paduka:

First step

Take some kitchen turmeric on a plate and mix it with water to form a running consistency. Make sure the consistency of the mixture is neither very thick nor very thin.

Second step

Request your little one to place their feet on the turmeric mixture and then make an imprint on a white piece of paper. You will need to keep the turmeric footprints on the chart paper aside for a while, as it might take an hour to dry. Once done, use a red-coloured sketch pen and draw the outlines across the footprints.

Third step

You can now paste the chart paper from the second step on cardboard to make it stronger for colouring and decoration purposes. Don’t forget to paste an unused piece of white chart paper on the other side of the cardboard as well. After pasting the same, make sure to take a cut out of the turmeric-coloured footprints using scissors.

Fourth step

Now you can flip the footprint cutouts and give them to your little one for colouring. Make sure you teach your children to use only appropriate colours when colouring the auspicious Charan Padukas, and that you explain the significance of each colour and symbol on the same.

Fifth Step

In the last step, you can glue colourful beads of your choice on the sides of the Charan Padukas to enhance their overall look and make the DIY activity more fun and interesting for your little one. Don’t forget to leave it overnight for quick drying and click endless pictures of it with your little one as a beautiful memory.

Laxmi JI Charan Paduka
Elegant Homemade Laxmi Ji Charan Paduka

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