Baby Pram, Stroller or Pushchair- What’s best for your baby?

Baby Pram, Stroller or a Pushchair- Is there a difference? Which one is better? Which one does my baby need? These are just some of the questions that new parents or soon-to-be parents have on their minds. Moreover, each of the three baby gears has its own set of features and benefits, making the choice far from straightforward. If you’re a parent looking to find the right option for your little one, you’re at the right place!

Baby Pram, Stroller or Puschair: What's the difference?

In this blog, we’ll clarify the differences between baby prams, strollers, and pushchairs. Definitely read till the end as it will help you decide which one is best for your baby at different stages of their growth.

Understanding the Basics: Baby Pram, Stroller, and Pushchair

Before we delve into which one is suitable for different ages, let’s first break down the fundamentals:

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Baby Pram

  • Design: Prams are traditional, carriage-style baby carriers with a fully reclining seat. They often have large, sturdy wheels.
  • Use: Ideal for newborns, prams provide a cozy, lie-flat position that’s perfect for babies who can’t sit up yet.
  • Features: Generally equipped with a carrycot or bassinet attachment for the first few months.
Baby Pram in a lush green field

Baby Stroller

  • Design: Strollers are lightweight, collapsible, and designed for older babies who can sit up independently.
  • Use: Perfect for infants from around six months onward who are ready to explore the world while sitting up.
  • Features: They often have adjustable seats, sun canopies, and storage compartments.

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Baby Pushchair

  • Design: Pushchairs are versatile and adaptable, capable of both reclining fully and seating upright. They are suitable for various stages.
  • Use: Great for babies from birth to toddlerhood and beyond. Some models can even accommodate older children.
  • Features: Adjustable seating positions, swivel wheels for manoeuvrability, and added accessories for convenience.

Choosing the Right One for Different Ages

Newborn Stage (0-6 months):

  • Recommended: Baby Pram
  • Why: Newborns need a flat, comfortable surface to lie down. Prams provide the perfect cozy and safe environment for their delicate bodies.

Infant Stage (6-12 months):

  • Recommended: Stroller
  • Why: Once your baby can sit up independently and start to explore the world, strollers offer the right support and freedom of movement.
  • Essentially, Strollers are a type of Pushchair, that are more lightweight and easy to carry.

Up to Toddler Stage (6 Months-1+ years):

  • Recommended: Pushchair
  • Why: Pushchairs are versatile and can adapt to your growing child’s needs. They offer different seating positions and can accommodate toddlers as they become more active.
  • Note: Based on the specific Design of the Pushchair, they can also be used as a Pram from the beginning. Some modular models can be rotated and folded into a pram.

Need something more holistic? Travel Systems on Jollee can be the perfect choice for you! Basically, Travel systems have a modular and detachable design, therefore they can be used as Prams as well as Car Seat.

When it comes to Strollers and Prams, there are plenty of options, which can also be a bit confusing at times. However, understanding the differences between these options and considering your baby’s age and developmental stage can make the decision much easier. Moreover, by doing so, you’ll ensure a smooth and joyful journey as you embrace the beautiful adventure of parenthood.

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