Celebrate Vijayadashami with Kids: 3 Easy DIY Projects

Vijayadashami is celebrated on the 10th day of the Navratri festival. On this auspicious day, devotees celebrate the triumph of good over evil. The significance of this festival makes it important for parents to teach their kids about why Vijayadashami is celebrated.

Here are some interesting Vijayadashami ideas for your kids to remain engaged and learn about the festival at the same time:

Clay Based Ravana

Vijayadashami DIY Ravana
Making Figures with Clay is fun and exciting for kids

Making a Ravana is one of the most important DIY activities for children. As children love playing with clay, there is no doubt they will enjoy making a Ravana out of clay. You can simply guide them along while they attempt to make a Ravana out of clay and share interesting Vijayadashami stories to make the DIY Ravana process more interesting for them. 

Vijayadashami Special Handmade Cards

Vijayadashami greeting cards
Handmade cards add a personal touch to all the festivities

Kids enjoy handmade card activities during festivals. Engaging your little ones in DIY Vijayadashami gifting cards for their friends and family members can help you in saving your time and effort while making it easier for you to share interesting Dusshera stories with them. Your kids will show a lot of interest in learning about the festival and look forward to more such DIY activities.

Vijayadashami Rangoli

Vijayadashami Rangoli
A traditional festive activity that both kids and parents can enjoy together

Rangoli is an integral part of any Hindu festival. This Vijayadashami let your little munchkins take over the task of making a Rangoli under your guidance while you relax and focus on other important tasks. However, making a Rangoli out of colours can get a little messier with children. Let your kids use different types of colourful flowers to create a Rangoli and create less mess. 

We hope you liked reading our DIY ideas and would like to give them a try soon with your little ones.

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