Child proofing: Tips To Help You Keep Your Baby Safe

Child proofing your home should be your top priority if you have a baby at home. Once the child starts crawling and moving, you’ll always be on the lookout. This simple step will help you in keeping your baby safe from potential dangers while they are busy exploring their mobility skills. 

Child proofing
Kids are curious by nature so childproofing helps in creating a safe environment for them to explore

Here are some tips to help you childproof every corner of your home:

Child proofing your baby’s nursery: 

  • Position the crib mattress as low as possible to eliminate the probability of your baby climbing out.
  • As your baby learns to stand, make sure the mobile from above the crib is removed.
  • Don’t forget to secure heavy furniture and bookshelves to the walls to prevent the risk of tip-overs.
  • Keep the crib distant from the windows.

Child proofing all your rooms:

  • Install cordless window coverings.
  • Lock your medicines and first aid box in a cabinet.
  • Anchor your key stand at a decent height for hanging all the keys in one place.
  • Keep your washrooms locked at all times.
  • Keep breakables and other sensitive items away from your baby’s reach.
  • Use corner guards to cushion sharp furniture edges.
  • Install baby gates on the stairs.
  • Keep plants out of your baby’s reach.
  • Position wobbly items like lamps behind heavy furniture.
  • Anchor TV to the wall and keep the cords away from your baby’s reach.
  • Keep sharp objects away from the reach of your little one.
  • Use outlet covers or furniture to cover electrical outlets.
  • Remove anything that could act like a potential choking hazard.
  • Ensure your baby doesn’t have free access to any risk-oriented place and substance. 

Childproofing your Kitchen:

  • Keep cleaning products out of your baby’s reach.
  • Objects like fridge magnets should not be accessible to your baby.
  • Plastic wraps are required to be locked away to avoid the probability of your baby getting strangled.
  • Your cabinets, drawers, oven, and refrigerator should have a safety latch installed on them.
  • Install baby gates at the entrance of the kitchen.

Childproofing your Washroom:

  • Keep the washroom gate locked at all times.
  • Use a safety lock to secure the toilet seat.
  • Keep the toiletries away from your child’s reach.

Child proofing every corner of your house before your baby learns to self-move is as important as taking care of their day-to-day care needs. It will help you keep your baby safe and allow them to excel at their mobility skills while you chill and stay at peace.

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