Celebrate Onam 2023 with Kids: Top DIY Ideas

Onam 2023 is almost here and celebrations for the festival has almost begun. It is one of the major annual events for Keralites. This annual harvest festival is celebrated for ten days to commemorate the homecoming of King Mahabali. Keralites organize various cultural activities during Onam with great enthusiasm at multiple places in the Indian state of Kerala. 

Onam 2022

With growing urbanization and the rise in nuclear family set-up, the charm of the ten-day-long Onam festival has faded. Yes, it is true that the festive celebration of Onam isn’t grand anymore unlike what it used to be. The upcoming generation will miss experiencing the charm of this most important festival in Kerala.

These beautiful DIY ideas will help you in explaining to your kids the importance of the Onam festival for Keralites and reliving the vibe of its festive spirit.

DIY Onam 2023 Cards

DIY greeting cards

Buying a readymade greeting card is easy but adding a personal touch to it can be a task. This Onam festival, encourage your kids to DIY greeting cards for wishing their loved ones and making them feel remembered. Handmade cards can be simply made using a few sketch pens, crayons, watercolors, and an A4-sized paper or a readymade blank card. Your kids can even use glitter pens, sparkles, ribbons, etc to make their DIY Onam greeting cards look more creative. You can simply help them by giving them ideas and drawing sketches for them to color. Their self-written innocent Onam greetings on the DIY cards would be the most loved part after their cute little drawings. 

DIY door thorans

Dood thorans DIY for Onam

Door thoran is one of the most unique DIY ideas for this upcoming festive season. You will simply need a bunch of mango leaves and a moli (holy red thread) for making door thorans at home. However, attaching mango leaves to the moli can be a challenge for your little ones. They would need your guidance on learning the technique of knotting for the same. You can even let them attach beads and flowers to the door thoran and make it look even more appealing. 

DIY Kalash decoration for Onam 2023

Kalash decoration for Onam

Kalash decoration is by far the easiest DIY for the Onam 2023 celebration. Your kids will love this DIY activity the most because it is simple yet so interesting. They will enjoy coloring the Kalash and pasting beads on it to give it a more appropriate look. Once they are done coloring the Kalash, you can guide them on how to place leaves and flowers in it and complete the look with a coconut placed in the middle. Don’t forget to share the importance of the Onam festival and your childhood memories of celebrating this festival with your loved ones to make the DIY activity more fun and engaging experience for them.

DIY Pulikali mask/tiger mask

Pulikali tiger mask for Onam

Pulikali is a famous folk art practiced mostly in Thrissur area in the Indian state of Kerala. Characters from this street dance act as Puli or tigers by painting their bodies in yellow color with black stripes. You can explain the popular Pulikali performance to your kids by involving them in DIY Tiger/Pulikali mask activity and give them a beautiful memory of a lifetime.

You will only need cardboard, scissors, a few sketch pens, and white chart paper. Outline a palm-sized face of a tiger on the cardboard and use a scissor to take a cut out of it. Once done, paste the white chart paper on the cut-out and draw the eyes, nose, and lips of a tiger on it. Now give it to your little ones for coloring under your guidance. After the coloring is done, make a hole on both sides of the cutout and insert a thread inside them to make the mask appropriate. Your DIY Pulikali mask is now ready to be worn for Onam celebrations.

We hope you loved our DIY ideas for Onam 2023 and would try them this festive season. Click on https://blog.bundleojoy.in/category/diy-activities/ for more such DIY ideas for your kids to become creative and enjoy their festive time to the fullest. 

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