3 Amazing DIY Navratri Decoration ideas for parents and kids   

To kids, Navratri is all about school holidays, new clothes, pandal hopping, yummy food, and attending family gatherings. As parents, you always try your best to ensure that your kids have fun on Navratri and make beautiful memories to last a lifetime. But do your kids know why we celebrate the festival of Navratri? No, right? Try these 3 DIY Navratri Decoration ideas for your little ones to learn about this beautiful 9-day festival and have fun at the same time:

DIY Dandiya Navratri Decoration

DIY dandiya decoration
Dandiya Navratri Decoration will definitely put your kids in the mood to celebrate

Not just kids but adults too look forward to playing dandiya during the festival of Navratri. This Navratri, decorate your Dandiyas at home with the help of your kids and see how they look forward to attending Dandiya Raas events with their self-celebrated Dandiya sticks.

You will require:

  • Plain Dandiya sticks (in pairs)
  • Shimmery and colorful cello tapes
  • Scissors


Take plain dandiya sticks and let your kid start wrapping them with colourful cello tapes. Avoid using any crystals, beads, and hangings on the Dandiyas as your kids might end up hurting themselves or their friends. The key is to keep it as simple and kid-friendly as possible.

DIY Navratri Ideas: Handmade Gifting Cards

DIY Navratri Ideas: Handmade Gifting Cards
Add a personal touch to the festivities

Self-made gifting cards add a lot of personal touch to them which can only be felt by the receiver and the creator of the card. Kids always look forward to festivals, especially so that they can create birthday cards for their loved ones. Read below to know what materials you would require to help your kids DIY gifting cards for friends and family.

You will require:

  • Plain card
  • Cut out of Durga Maa’s picture
  • Sketch pens
  • Crayons
  • Glue


Take a Durga Maa picture from the internet and cut it out with a scissor for making a card. Now paste the cutout on the plain card and give it to your kids for colouring. Voila, their DIY gifting card is ready.

Durga Maa Picture Coloring Navratri Decoration

DIY Navratri Ideas: Durga Maa Picture Coloring

Most kids are fond of colouring and painting. If your little one enjoys it too then this DIY is a must-try.

You may require:

  • Blank paper
  • Sketch pens
  • Crayons


Take a blank piece of paper and draw Durga Maa on it. You can also consider taking a printout from the internet. Now let your kids enjoy colouring and bringing Maa Durga to life with their innocence, meanwhile, you guide them all the way along. You can choose to draw or print all 9 avatars of Goddess Durga for your kids to colour on each day of Navratri and share while you share with them the importance of worshipping each avatar of Goddess Durga.

This Navratri, spend some more time with your kids to help them enjoy the 9-day festival to the fullest. Still, worrying about what your kids should be wearing for Dandiya Raas? Worry not! We have an exclusive Navratri collection for your kids waiting for you to explore.

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