4 Easy DIY activities for your kids to have fun on Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami marks the earthly appearance of Lord Vishnu’s 8th avatar who is commonly known as Lord Krishna. On this day, after a series of conspiracies followed by tragic incidents and hardships, Devaki Mata was successfully able to bring Lord Krishna into the world which was a magical moment in itself.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami

This festival celebrates the struggles of Devaki Mata and Lord Vasudeva in giving birth to Lord Krishna. Most kids are often fascinated by the birth story of Lord Krishna. Their faces kindle with joy when they are given the chance to participate in the Janmashtami celebrations.

Take a look at the following DIY activities for your kids to have fun on the eve of Krishnashtami:

Decorate Krishna’s Crown

A crown is one of the most important accessories of any Indian God and Goddess. Letting your children decorate Lord Krishna’s crown for Krishna Janmashtami can be the best DIY activity for them. You can share the crown’s cutouts with your little ones and let them use their imagination as well as your guidelines for colouring.

If you have beads at home, you can even let your kids use them to decorate their little Kanha’s crown and make it look even more beautiful.

DIY Mukut for Kanha

DIY Rangoli on Krishna Janmashtami

Hindu festivals are incomplete without rangolis. Having a rangoli made at the entrance of the house just adds to the aesthetic vibe of the festive preparations. Different colours, flowers, candles and lamps are used for decorating a rangoli during festivals.

Making a rangoli can be a very interesting and fun task for your kids. 

DIY Rangoli for Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Since making a rangoli is a complicated task altogether, it is better to keep it as simple as possible.

To make it simpler, you can draw an outline for the rangoli for your kid. Your kid can just fill in the drawings using different colours of flowers as per your instructions.

Make sure you don’t let your kids use colours and lamps to avoid messing up your rangoli and seeing them getting dirty as well as keeping them safe from getting hurt.

DIY Krishna Janmashtami Greeting Card

A handmade greeting card is more precious than a purchased one. It gives the receiver a sense of nostalgia and connects them with the person who made this greeting card. This Janmashtami, let your kids DIY greeting cards for their friends and family members and make them feel special in their way.

DIY Greeting card for Janmashtami

You can give your kids’ ideas and suggestions wherever required to make every card and let them know how it feels to DIY their stuff and give them as a token of love and care to their near and dear ones.

DIY Curd Pot Decoration

Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated for 2 days. On the very first day, devotees observe fasting while on the second day, they play Dahi handi to celebrate the first earthly appearance of Lord Krishna. Curd pot also known as Dahi handi is decorated with colors, fabric, and beads to make it more attractive for the occasion. 

DIY Curd pot decoration for Janmashtami

Furthermore, kids love watching the Dahi handi activity and enjoy the enthusiasm shown by the participants for the game. You can make it even more interesting for them by making them participate in the Dahi handi or curd pot decoration under your supervision and contribute to the game in a way which is safer but fun for them.

We hope you loved reading our DIY Janmashtami celebrations. Here is team Jollee wishing you and your family a very Happy Krishna Janmashtami. Have fun!

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