Engaging Dussehra Activities for Kids: 5 Fun & Educational Ideas

Dusshera is almost here and now is the best time to start teaching your kids about the importance of this Hindu festival. However, teaching your little ones about the importance of this festival can be quite a daunting task. As a result of this, your little ones might end up feeling bored and remain absent-minded. Keep them engaged with these 5 Interesting Dussehra Activities for Kids.


Click Here to read DIY Dusshera activities or take a look at our 5 highly recommended Dusshera activities with kids:

Decorating Temple at Home

Temple Decoration
Involve your kids in the process of cleaning the house and decorating the temple

Temple decoration at home is an important part of any festival. This Dusshera let your kids participate in cleaning and decorating your house temple before the start of puja while you share with them the amazing stories related to the celebration of this festival. You can even teach them how to use flowers and mango leaves to decorate the temple and draw Satya using a red colour and an earbud. Click Here to read more such interesting DIY blogs.

Decorating a Kalash

Share the significance of the Kalash with your children while decorating it

The Kalash decoration is also an integral part of any Hindu festival. It not just enhances the aesthetics of your house but also has a religious meaning associated with it. This activity will require your guidance from time to time for your little one to be able to decorate the Kalash nicely with colourful flowers and leaves. You can even share with them the significance of the Kalash while helping them in decorating it for the Dusshera Puja.

Making a Dusshera Rangoli

Make Rangolis with flowers instead of colours as colours can be a bit risky

Colourful Rangoli just adds to the vibe of festivals. Making a rangoli outside the house enhances the entrance area of the house and helps in attracting more and more positive vibes. The use of colours for making a rangoli can be a little risky for kids. High chances of creating a mess are also there. Try to let your kids use only flowers for making a Dusshera rangoli while you guide them throughout the process and click beautiful pictures together.

Reading Dusshera Storybooks

Dusshera stories
There are several good storybooks available on Dusshera that kids can enjoy

Reading kid-friendly mythological storybooks is an excellent activity for kids. This is one of the best ways to help them learn about interesting mythological stories and the reasons why we celebrate every festival in the world. This Dusshera, let your little ones read Dusshera story books and learn about the supremacy of Lord Rama, Lord Laxman, and Lord Hanuman and together how they defeated evil king Raavana to rescue Goddess Sita back from the latter’s forceful captivity.

Watching animated Ramleela

Dusshera Ramlila
Ramleela is an important part of the festivities

Ramleela is a dramatic representation of the life of Lord Rama. It is based on Ramayana and watching this theatrical play is no less than a treat to the eyes. It is one of the best ways to keep your kids entertained on Dusshera and simultaneously, introduce them to the learnings of Ramayana. Your kids will be thrilled watching Ramlila and will look forward to more such amazing experiences in the future. Click Here to learn more about Dusshera and why we celebrate it with great enthusiasm.

Happy Dusshera

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