How Board Books for Kids Promote Early Language Development

Board Books for Your Child’s Development!                                                                                                                By, Suma Reddy

I’m big on reading! I have always wanted my children to read books hence I started reading to them when they were as young as three months. You can totally start reading to your newborn from day one. Just the sound of your voice is soothing to a baby. Let’s find out how you can support early language development with Board Books for kids.

How do Reading Books help in Language Development?

They’ll love listening to you talk or sing. It’s a great way to bond as well and it starts setting up a bedtime routine from day one. Don’t think they’re to benefit from shared reading time, research shows that reading from a young age helps jump-start children’s speech, language and vocabulary development.

According to psychologists, today reading to babies in their infancy stage actually leads to stronger vocabulary and better early language and literacy skills four years later.

Board Books for kids are a good option as they are harder to tear and come with various interactive elements


Let’s start off with some tips for making reading with babies an enjoyable activity for you both. We want this to be a special time for babies and parents that they’ll look forward to for years to come.

Why Board Books for Kids is a Better Option

Whenever possible try to purchase board books instead of paperback books at this age. Right now they explore EVERYTHING with their mouths so paperbacks won’t last long. It’s worth investing a few extra Rupees to make the book last a few years instead of a few months.

  • Books Based On Baby’s Developmental Level

I would suggest purchasing a few different kinds of baby books that will benefit each stage of their development. Many of the books will continue to grow with your baby but some are more appropriate for certain ages than others.

Here’s a general guide.

For the first 0-3 months of the newborn stage of development focus on high-contrast books. This is because an infant’s eyesight isn’t fully developed yet so they find high-contrast images more stimulating since they are able to see them better. Books with lots of black and white images are baby’s favourites right now.

During the infant stage around 4-6 months old focus on sensory and tactile books. Around this age, they’ll probably start trying to put everything in their mouth. That’s just how babies explore their environment. Touching, holding and feeling things is their new jam right now so focus on books that have sensory or tactile pages that let you feel different textures and materials.  

From about 6 months to 1 year focus on baby books that encourage rhyming and repetition. Around this age, the baby is starting to babble and talk more. They’re paying attention to things you are saying and trying to repeat them. Board Books for kids that have rhyming or repeating phrases are a great way to encourage a baby’s speech and language development. They learn the simple patterns and can start to mimic them along with you.

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