How development milestone based shopping is better for kids

Small children need to visualize a world in which they fit, that’s why they need products that match their development milestone. It helps to create a sort of mini-size ecosystem for them through visualization.

“Never underestimate the power of visualisation,” I remember a school teacher telling me this and I understand it now. Here, I am not just preaching as studies have shown evidence that those who visualize have better imagination which in turn improves their learning efficiency. 

For little children, visualisation becomes a learning process as they are surrounded by several things and lots of people. A chair designed for an adult might not be comfortable for your little one to sit on. A large teddy bear that you might bring for the little one might not fit in his/her small hands. Try and go for a mini-size teddy bear for your kids.

Let me share with you a couple of points that you can keep in mind while creating a mini-ecosystem for the little one, in which they feel like themselves, in which they fit. 

  • Don’t just consider the age of your little one while buying toys: 

While age is an important factor while choosing toys for your munchkin, it should not be the only parameter. A big teddy bear might look fascinating to your little one, but he/she might not be able to play with it much considering the disproportionate size ratio. We see a lot of kids getting scared by large teddy bears till they reach a certain age and size. 

Maybe try something that resonates with your kid’s mind and vision and consider what they like to play within that size? 


  • Buy mini size clothes that grow with your little ones:

It is a very common mistake that parents make is to buy excessively large clothes for their growing child. Make sure you buy clothes that grow with your child ensuring comfort at a reasonable price. Try frocks that can work as tops after the kid grows in height or maybe T-shirt dresses that can be worked as T-shirts later. Make sure your little one can comfortably move and play in the clothes he/she wears. 

  • Buy books that they can hold and read: 

For years, we have seen children’s books are bigger than usual. But, with time, things are changing, and even books are getting compacted with the increasing importance of creating a mini-ecosystem for the little ones. Make sure you buy books that they can hold, read, and relate to. 

  • Surround your kids with things that they fit in: 

If you have a room for your little one, make sure that room has things that they can hold and relate with. Creating a mini house within the house for the little one is important. Include things like chairs, tables, toys, books, low height platform beds etc. that they can resonate with. The bathroom and toilet should be comfortable for your child too. Overall, the idea is to create a mini-ecosystem for your little ones where they feel like themselves. 

  • But, remember comfort is the key: 

While creating a mini-ecosystem for the little one, it is important to keep their comfort first. Don’t push things over to them as per what you have learned or are learning about kids. Let them read and play with books and things they like to. All we want is their happiness. Isn’t it? 

So, here it is! Together, let us make sure that your child learns the habit of visualizing from a very young age. This will do wonders and prepare super amazing minds and talents for the future. 

We hope you liked what you just read, and we were able to add value to your parenting. (“I” can be used while reading as a mouthpiece) Happy parenting! 

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