How to choose the right kids clothing? A Parent’s Guide

Your kid shares a deep bond with their clothes. At a tender age where clothes are one of the few important things in their lives, comfort and safety must be ensured. Sometimes it may be overwhelming to choose the right clothes. So, here are 5 points to remember before you shop for kids clothing to keep your child safe and comfortable.

No loose buttons or sharp and small appendages.

If your kid is in the age of teething, there shouldn’t be any appendages on their clothes. As your child is going through a hard time growing their teeth, they tend to put everything in their mouth to ease the irritation in their gums which may cause choking. To avoid this, always go for good quality clothes to ensure that tightly stitched buttons are either near the neck or in the back to avoid their reach to the kid’s mouth.

Say no to ribbons, chains and embroideries:

Kids may end up strangulating or hurting each other with long hanging ribbons, chains or other appendages like mirrors, badges, and beads which could hurt the kid while sleeping. 

Get clothes that grow with your child. 

Your child is growing at a fast pace. They’ll soon outgrow their clothes and no clothes are going to fit them for more than 6 months. But that doesn’t mean you should spend less on clothes and compromise on the quality. Get clothes that grow with your child.

Consider dresses that can be worn as tops as the child grows older, or T-shirt dresses that can be worn as T-shirts later. Excessively large clothes may cause injury if the kid falls due to discomfort. For your little one’s comfort and safety, their clothes have to be of the perfect fit, neither too loose nor too tight. 

Prioritize comfort over gender-specific clothes. 

We know you want your kid to look cute and neat in their clothes, but comfort always has to be the priority. Many parents go for gender-specific clothes like shorts or pants for baby boys and skirts and frocks for baby girls. Doctors recommend that children below the age of 1 should wear soft cotton frocks and pyjama’s irrespective of their gender.

Going for clothes like denim pants and skirts, frocks with excessive frills and embroidery may look cute but they may cause a rash or infection along with discomfort.  Your child’s soft and sensitive skin may not be able to tolerate tight clothes and harsh fabrics. Always go for Soft cotton clothes with ventilation for summers and wool for winters. 

Basic life skills for kids

Pick clothes that are easy to wear. 

Children are always excited to try on new clothes. You’ll often see that your kid is so attached to a particular piece of clothing that they refuse to wear anything else. Also, there’ll be clothes your kid hates that are too tight, complicated and harsh on their skin like clothes with tight elastic bands. Ensure that the un-stretched girth of the elastic should not be smaller than the girth of the body part it is for. Clothes with deeper necks and loose sleeves will make the clothes easy to wear. 

Customized clothes specially made to fit your child, will be both comfortable and easy to wear and will ensure that your child stays in a happy mood all day. 

Get clothes that your kid likes.

One way to ensure that your child feels happy and comfortable in their clothes is by involving them in their shopping. If your kid is not excited about the clothes, they may feel irritated wearing them. Get clothes with pictures of things they like, like a particular animal, a fruit, or a cartoon character they’re fond of. If they’ve just started learning a language, get t-shirts and sweaters with alphabets written on them.

A fun way of teaching your kid to write their name is by getting them a top with the first letter of their name in their favourite colour written on it. Just like adults, clothes should represent your kid’s personality. Don’t lose the opportunity to get them to be excited about their clothes. 

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