Art for Kids: Creative Expression with Stencil Painting

How to create an amazing experience using stencils? – Suma Reddy

Art for kids is a great tool for emotional development.

Can you imagine an art painted by a toddler that looks beautiful? Art for kids is an excellent medium for emotional development.

Well, these stencils will certainly bring the artwork to life while following the DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practices).

Young toddlers should always be provided with open-ended art. Remember, there is no right or wrong way of doing art when it comes to stencil art. Hence, I request parents to only monitor and avoid giving directions while the child is doing the art. Be prepared for a little messy art if you plan to do it indoors. 

Materials Required

The Materials required for stencil printing:

  • Any kind of paper
  • Scotch Tape
  • Child-friendly paint
  • Sponge

Always remember to set up the art before you invite the child to do the activity. It would be fantastic if you can involve your child to help you set up the table. Tape the paper onto the table or the floor wherever you planned to do it. Before you begin the art, introduce all the materials to the child and explain how to use them.

The last step is to facilitate your child to dip the sponge into the paints and make prints all over the stencil. Sit back and watch your toddler get engrossed and get messy. Lastly, do not restrict the child to use their imagination, it’s okay for children to choose different coloured paints for different objects. E.g., Pink for an apple, Green for the sun and Red for the clouds. 

PS: This art can also be painted by fingers if you don’t have a sponge readily available.

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