Why Is Ball Pool for Kids Amazing for Brain Development?

Children learn through play is a given. Children learn a lot through the simplest toys. It is a revelation for all of us. One such very simple product is the Tunnel Ball pool for kids. Our Expert Mom Niyati shares her journey with this product and how her daughter Naina found various ways to learn from it.     

Niyati says: I bought something like this without the hexagonal pool with balls when Naina was 10 months old. She had just started crawling and I felt that it was an important step developmentally for her and wanted to encourage it.”.   

When asked why crawling is so important she explains that ” Crawling is very good for left brain-right brain coordination, fostering independent inquiry and developing gross motor skills.” Niyati further tells us about her experience as every other parent :). ” I thought she would love to crawl through the tunnel and come out the other side. She played with it for a while but since it took up so much space in our living room, we folded the ball pool up when she started walking at 12 months. But I somewhere thought this was a toy that would grow her.” 

 ” At 21 months, I am witnessing her first forays into pretend play and I think this tunnel and the attached house will again be attractive for her. She took her teddy bear inside it the other day and put it to sleep. 

My tunnel and the attached house don’t have anything drawn on it – it’s just coloured red, blue and yellow – so I also think it’ll give her the freedom to make it whatever she imagines it to be. A school, a home, a train station, whatever she wants.”        

This conversation was useful to us in so many ways. We learnt a little more about childhood,the milestones and most importantly about parenting in which you trust your child! Ever grateful for this goldmine.                                                                                 

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