Madumanti Roy Chowdhury: A Youtuber and a full time mother to a preschooler

Connecting with mothers and learning about their parenthood journey is always a beautiful and a heartwarming experience. The way they spend time with their kids and teach them life values is the reason why we see a lot of kind and compassionate beings in the society. One such mother is Madhumanti. She is a mother of a preschooler. By profession she is an aspiring Youtuber and has innumerable achievements to her kitty but she feels becoming a mother is by far her biggest achievement.

Let’s hear from Madhumanti all about her motherhood journey and how is she planning to bring up her 3 year old preschooler, Reyansh.

How do you feel about embracing motherhood?

Motherhood is a different feeling altogether. You become more sensitive yet emotionally strong at the same time. This journey of motherhood can never be expressed in words. One has to experience this journey to understand how surreal it feels.

No mother would ever deny that! Your son is already a preschooler now. By any chance you miss his toddler days?

Yes, I do miss his toddler days but as a mother I look forward to each of his phase with the same level of excitement I had when I was due with him. I feel parents should enjoy seeing their kids grow and cherish their journey with them at every step of life. To sum up, I do miss his toddler days but I am equally thrilled to see him evolve into the person he is destined to be and there is nothing better than being a part of his life journey.

Has he started going to preschool?

Not yet but we have hired a teacher for him for our preschooler. We make sure that collectively, we try and make learning a fun activity for him. He will probably start going to a nearby playschool anytime soon and I am focusing on a montessory that treat kids with lots of love and understanding instead of burdening them with education and unrealistic expectations.

Totally agree with you. Parents and childcare education providers should never pressurize kids. They should rather focus on giving their love and care to them. Coming back to the next question how is Reyansh as a preschooler different from the baby Reyansh?

To be honest there is a lot of difference. Contrary to what I expected, my kid has become a lot more calmer, responsible and patient now. He likes doing everything by himself and even adjusts wherever required. His level of understanding is way more now as compared to his toddler phase. I find him wiser and sensible to an extent that I don’t really have to over explain him things. Recently, I was hospitalized for 4 days and he took it so well. Everyday he used to console and even counsel me to have patience and faith in life and that we are meeting anytime soon. Everyday I feel blessed and grateful to God for giving me such a loving and wonderful son. I am happy to have him in life.

That’s so good to know. I would accredit your upbringing here. But how did you manage the Covid phase with him and family? Was it too difficult? Did you face any challenges?

No, I actually enjoyed the Covid phase. My entire family came to stay together and we all had a good time with little Reyansh. He got lots and lots of love and attention from each one of us in person. He understood the concept of love and family bonding. I personally feel this Covid phase and lockdown made him better as a child.

You mentioned he is sensible. Can you explain this a bit more?

Yes, he is. He knows how to reach whenever there is a little chaos in the house. He even tries to calm the energies of the house by asking everyone to stay together and be happy with each other. There is so much more to add here and I am glad that in this life I am blessed with him.

As a child what hardships did you face with your parents and would not like your kid to go through the same?

There was a lot that I dealt with. The biggest challenge I faced was lack of emotional understanding and support apart from unfair comparisons and expectations. I always feel parents should try and become kind with their kids to an extent that the latter chooses to share everything with the former instead of finding it difficult and look for support in the external environment.

Parents should always make their kids feel at every step of the way that they are with them, by them and for them no matter what life throws at them. They should act as their child’s confidante and give them a safe and positive environment that they always want for themselves. Always support your kids and listen to them with kindness whenever required. Make sure you let your kids feel heard, understood, valued, loved, supported and deserved. Also, never ever compare them with other kids or have unrealistic expectations from them. Treat them with respect and a lot of care!!!

I am in love with your parenting approach and style Madhumanti. What is your favourite activity with Riyansh?

We love to spend time together. He just loves to dance and when I sing, his excitement to dance along goes to a different level altogether. It is so beautiful to watch him dance and appreciate my low-key singing. I feel so loved, appreciated and blessed at the same time.

Thank you Madhumanti for your precious time and I have immense love and respect for you and every single parent out there who is as responsible as they are supposed to be. Happy Parenting!

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