Ready to Inspire Young Scientists? Make DIY Bio Enzyme with Your Kids!

Spending quality time with your kids is like therapy. You end up feeling more positive and look forward to more such moments together with your little ones. But sometimes, doing regular activities with your kids can be a boring experience too. That’s where DIY activities come in! DIY activities keep your kids engaged and encourage them to learn new things. In this blog, we’ll help you and your kids make DIY Bio Enzyme at home, which is going to be super fun and educational! Let’s dive in.

DIY bio enzyme

What is a bio enzyme?

Bio-enzymes are organic cleansers that are non-toxic, environment-friendly, and inexpensive alternatives to commercial toxic products that are used for cleaning, hand-washing, dish-washing, etc.

Moreover, you can easily make your batch of bio-enzymes at home in a span of 3 months and use it for multiple purposes in your day-to-day life without having to invest much of your time, energy, money, and other resources.

The procedure of DIY bio-enzyme is safe and easy for your kids while the results are rewarding and good for the environment.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients needed and how the process of DIY bio-enzymes at home works:

Ingredients needed to make bio enzyme at home

  • 3 parts citrus fruit peels (lemon, orange, pineapple, etc)
  • 1 part Jaggery
  • 10 parts water
  • A cup for measuring the ingredients
  • Bucket with a lid
  • Yeast (optional)


Firstly, dissolve one part of jaggery in ten parts of water and then add 3 parts of citrus fruit peels in a bucket. The choice of the vessel would depend on the quantity of the batch that you are making. You can even use rotten citrus fruits along with citrus fruit peels. The idea is to use leftovers of citrus fruit to eliminate kitchen waste as much as possible. Ensure that the vessel is 90 percent filled with the mixture and there is sufficient space left for the gas arising out of the mixture to hold up space in it. 

DIY bio enzyme

Once done, keep this mixture aside for 90 days and open the container’s cap twice a day to release the gases formed out of the bio-enzymes in making.

Additionally, you can even speed up the process of making a bio-enzyme by adding a sufficient amount of yeast to the mixture. With yeast, the mixture would take 45 days to transform into liquid gold, commonly known as bio-enzymes. 

After the first batch is ready, you can further use it to quicken the process of making another batch. Your kids would love to be a part of this DIY and so would you. 

Why you should make bio enzyme at home?

Even though homemade bio enzymes take a little longer, they are safe for use at home. It hardly takes any effort and makes your kids look forward to the final product while they actively participate in helping you DIY your own batch. 

We hope you loved this DIY suggestion and would involve your kids in making a bio-enzyme batch at home. Visit Jollee’s Blog for more such interesting DIY blogs and enjoy your time with your little ones. Happy DIY! Happy parenting!

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