Meet The Expert: Deepa (Teacher)

Let’s get to know our expert!

Meet Mrs. Deepa, our expert for the day. She is preschool teacher and a mother of 2 beautiful daughters. She loves children and is passionate about teaching them. Kids lovingly call her Deepa Mam and there is no denial that she is their favourite teacher in the school. Her love for children is evident in the way she takes care of them and looks forward to meeting them each day of school.

Apart from teaching, she is also passionate about arts and crafts. Let us connect with Deepa Mam and know more about her understanding of things not just as a teacher but as a parent as well.

As a teacher, what is that one quote you most resonate with?

‘If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.’–Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Estrada

How has your life evolved after embracing motherhood?

Embracing motherhood was one of the best decisions of my life. As a mother, I feel I have become much more empathetic, sensible, fearless, and responsible. Every single kid evokes my motherhood instinct and I feel so grateful about this journey of life. As a mother, there is so much to look forward in life and I am excited for the experiences lying ahead of me.

How do you manage to take care of your kids and spend time with them considering the fact you are already working as a full-time teacher?

Managing kids and working as a full time professional is a challenging task. Most days can be really hard on the parents while some days can be rewarding as well. I believe in taking one day at a time and just focus on going with the flow. Over a period of time, I have understood that we all should develop equal love and passion for both professional and personal life to find a balance and move in harmony with each other. Also, family and profession are both different from one another and we shouldn’t take them in a single view. I aim at becoming a perfect mom when I’m with my kids and a perfect teacher when I’m with my students and this tends to help me a lot in balancing both aspects of life rather than juggling between them.

First day of school for any kid and parent is traumatizing. What tips you have as an expert to enlighten other parents?

As an expert, I feel parents should go easy with their preschoolers on the first day of preschool. They should start prepping up their kids and make them look forward to go to kindergarten from an early age. Parents can also send their little ones to a nearby daycare for few hours to encourage them to stay away from home and feel comfortable in between other kids and adults. This will help the kids in not just making new friends but will also help them a different side of their personality and have an openness towards a new environment and new beings around them. Kids will also develop interactive skills and consciously improve their speech amidst other kids.

As an expert, I feel parents need to focus on prepping up their kids and making them comfortable with the fact that one day they will be figuring out new activities away from home and their family and there is no way they can escape from the reality.

As a preschool teacher what do you suggest parents to send along with their preschool children to school?

Parents should send their preschoolers to school with lots of love and encouragement. Apart from that, they should their kid’s school bag with necessary items like towels, diapers, extra pair of clothes, jackets, undergarments, tissues, water bottle, lunch box, handkerchiefs, fruits, snack box, favorite toys, and pencil box. This will help the preschool team to keep the little ones relaxed and comfortable at school to the best of their abilities.

How can parents find a comfortable kidcare environment for their little one?

Parents should personally visit such facilities and interact with the faculty as much as possible to understand how reliable and friendly they are with the kids. It is also required for the parents to scrutinize the environment of a kidscare facility to understand the safety levels and what precautionary measures the staff would be taking in case of any adverse situations. Parents should never send their kids to any kidscare facility without scrutinizing it properly and understanding the safety protocols. Other factors that like quality of education, type of co-curricular activities, education status of teachers,etc should also be taken into consideration in the best interest of a kid’s learning and brain development.

If you have to give one advice to parents then what would it be?

Understand your kids as much as possible. Never disregard their thoughts and opinions. Kids should never feel there is no one ready to hear and understand them. They should never feel unsupported at any point in life. Cherish all the moments you have with your little ones because once they grow up, you will only have their memories with you while they are busy in fixing their own life.

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