Meet The Expert: Gagandip Singh (Fitness trainer)

“Teaching kids about health and fitness is important to me. It’s about being fit for life.” – Jackie Joyner – Kersee, a fitness trainer.

Let’s get to know our expert!

Meet Gagandip Singh, our expert for the day. He is a fitness trainer by profession and a strong believer of leading a healthy lifestyle. His love for sports is what brings him to the fitness industry. Dedication, determination and discipline are his true virtues. He aims at spreading awareness about health and fitness and raising a fitter generation is what he is aiming at!

Gagandip trains both online and offline and has students of all groups including kids as well. His love for fitness and his little students keep him motivated to look forward and fulfill his dream of bringing a change in the society and strongly contribute to raising a fitter generation altogether!

Fitness trainer Gagandip Singh

Let us connect with Gagandip and know what motivated him to become a fitness trainer and how can fitness help parents in raising healthy and happy kids!

What motivated you to become a fitness trainer?

As a kid, I have always been a sports enthusiast. I started my sports journey with football merely at the age of 9 and continued to play for around 9 years. Football gave me the opportunity to stay fit and play for various clubs in Kolkata. After passing out class 12, I was moved to see how people disregard their fitness. Because of this, there has only been lack of awareness and proper resources in the health and fitness industry.

One fine day, while I was returning home, I saw a bunch of local kids playing a sport but I was upset to see they lacked support from their parents. That was the moment I decided to help these kids. I came up with the idea of forming a local group and train kids for free. I am so happy to see these kids excel under a professional guidance and receive support from their parents in their sports and fitness journey. Few of them are now working as an Army, Police and CISF official. I am grateful for having come across these students and realizing the need to step in the fitness industry and making a difference in the lives of the people.

Fitness trainer Gagandip Singh

What according to you is the reason behind parents not supporting children in their sports journey?

Most parents have a very casual approach towards sports. Due to lack of awareness, they don’t realize the impact that playing a sport can make in the life of any human being, especially children. There are so many benefits of playing sports. Kids who play sport become more smarter, sharper and confident in life. It also help kids in having a positive approach towards life and overcome difficult challenges with ease. Young children should always play sports to become strong not just physically but mentally as well.

Parents should realize that it is essential for their kids to focus on both studies and play. Parents are also apprehensive about their kids wanting to make a career in sports industry. They feel that it is a bizarre thought and too difficult of a thing to achieve for any individual. To an extent they are right but as a fitness trainer, I feel things have now started to change. There are immense opportunities in the sports and fitness industry. It is only the lack of guidance that comes in the way. However, I believe with the evolution of internet this too has become easier now. Parents should know all our younger generation needs is love, support, and acknowledgment from parents and society. The rest they will handle!

Why do you feel parents should start to focus on helping their kids remain active and lead a healthy lifestyle?

There are a lot of reasons why parents should start prioritizing their focus on their kids health. The ever increasing diseases in young children attributed by unhealthy lifestyle practices is the main reason why parents should start encouraging their children to remain fit and active most part of the day. Also, our lifestyle practices have become different ever since the world experienced complete lockdown. Most adults have become lazy and they are relying majorly on shortcuts to avoid moving much and still getting things done. We must always know that parents have a strong influence on their children. Leading an inactive lifestyle would make your kids adapt the same and invite obesity and other diseases in life. As parents, it is important to inspire and motivate children not just verbally but via leading a disciplined and active lifestyle as well.

Fitness is important

How can parents set an example of leading a healthy lifestyle for their children?

Parents can set an example by self-preaching what they say. It is important for parents to primarily become a role-model for their kids by leading a healthy lifestyle. They can schedule workout sessions together and focus on leading a disciplined lifestyle by waking up early and eating healthy food. Regular walks, workouts, cardio and yoga with family will definitely make a huge impact and help both the parent and the child establish a deeper bond and adapt fitness regime into their day-to-day schedule. Parents should start taking it as a responsibility to keep their family as a whole fitter and healthier.

Do you think becoming a fitness trainer or making a career in the fitness industry is a feasible career option? If yes, is it easy to get through it?

Yes, I feel fitness industry is a feasible career option. The scope in this ever-growing industry is just endless. It is not that easy to get through it and might not even be easier to sustain oneself in the industry. A lot of time, patience, and hardwork can help one enter and sustain oneself in the industry. Having said that I feel it is the reward that matters. The change you bring in the lives of the people by helping them become fitter is worth all the pain and hardship! I would request parents to encourage their children in their fitness journey and incorporate family workout time in their day-to-day schedule.