How Painting With Cars Benefits Children

PAINTING WITH CARS…………………….. WROOM, WROOM, WROOM.                                                                                         Suma Reddy

Is your child obsessed with transportation vehicles?

Here is a great idea for a fun and colourful process art that can be done both indoors and outdoors. Process art is an amazing resource for supporting the development of self-control and self-regulation. It is extremely beneficial for building confidence and fostering creativity.  It allows children to make art that is truly theirs, from the initial idea through to the finished product.

Materials for Painting with Cars:

  • Large sturdy paper, such as chart paper or brown paper.
  • Toy cars and toy trucks in different sizes – the more wheel types the better!
  • Plastic paint trays or paper plates.
  • 3 to 5 colours of washable child-friendly paint.
  • Tape

Tape the paper just like how it is shown in the picture. Ask your child to run the cars into the paint and then “drive” the vehicles onto the paper.  Encourage your child to try different sizes of vehicles if he’d like. Sometimes, the art doesn’t happen on paper, and that is fine.  Some children may enjoy just driving the cars around the paint tray, mixing the colours, and seeing how they interact.  If they want, a print can be made by pressing a piece of paper gently over the tray when they are finished “driving.” In both situations, children will experience art on their own terms and love the process. 

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