Pemala Gurung (Parent)

A proud mother of Abigail and Ava, Pemala has been working with DreamOrbit, Bengaluru as a HR Manager for the past 9 years.

Pemala has been a fan & follower of BOJ since March’22.


“Seeing my daughter’s first stage performance”

– proudest moment of her parent life

“When I was telling her I took her out of my tummy with great difficulty she asked me, “Then why did u eat me mumma?”

– funniest thing her kid has said

“Buying her a toy for Rs 50 and telling her all our money is over and we can’t buy anything else. She believed us.”

– an innocent lie she told her kid which she is (secretly) proud of

Her Parenting Style…

Pemala follows the principle that raising an independent child helps and matter in the long run, having learnt this from her own mother. One simple advice she has for all new parent – embrace all the little moments with your child. Those tantrums may feel overwhelming now but they grow up sooner than you realise and soon you will be wondering where all the hugs and sloppy kisses are gone.

Pemala’s favorite Bundles…

All for Comfort (Girls)

Girls| Pre Schooler, Schooler, Pre Teens

All for Comfort (Boys)

Boys | Pre Schooler, Schooler, Pre Teens

For Your Bundle O Joy (Boys)

Boys | Infants, Toddlers