Pounding Bench: An Amazing Toy that Teaches Cause and Effect to Kids

There are multiple concepts that a child learns over the years. All of these concepts become an integral part of their life skills. Another such concept is Cause and Effect. A child asks around 100 questions a day.  Why is the sky blue? Why does my stomach hurt? And why do I have to sleep?

We are familiar with this curiosity and our struggles in answering some of these questions. The answers to these questions are specific reasons that led to the occurrence, also known as a cause. Now if the cause is the ‘why’ then the effect is the ‘what.’

Today we talked to Niyati exploring this topic in depth. She says “ My daughter Naina had grown out of the object permanence box having used it repeatedly, (Read about Object Permanence Box here) but needed something to learn and explore more about cause and effect.”

The Best Way to Teach Cause and Effect to Children

Niyati then talks about the toy Pounding bench. “She bangs the ball with the hammer and it falls through the hole and comes out the other side. This not only continued her interest and learning of object permanence but also taught her the hammer grip (thus enhancing her fine motor skills). Additionally, she learnt to aim not just her hand (as in the case of the object permanence box) but also an object that was an extension of her hand (the hammer). “

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