How Pretend Play Boosts Children’s Imagination: Indian Culture Peg Dolls

Pretend Play helps children form social-emotional skills
Pretend Play helps children form social-emotional skills

Niyati Handa, our Expert Mom, talks about pretend play and her love for peg dolls. Niyati is an educator for early learners and has looked at early development very closely both in India and Europe.                                                        

Pretend play helps children in many ways. It lets them explore and imagine freely, and it also helps in building social skills of interaction, negotiation and so on. Looking at one of the curated development products at Jollee, Niyati shares how she loves peg dolls. ”  They are great for pretend play and it’s so nice to see Indian people represented in dolls. Cultural Peg Dolls are a great introduction to our country’s diversity.

Naina, my daughter, loves playing with them creating various kinds of roles – dada, dadi, bua, didi etc. It helps more as they are not in the same city. ” 

Every product at Jollee is handpicked, we are solving the why of things. Find the Indianised peg dolls and many other expert-recommended products at Jollee.  To know more about Niyati’s journey and suggestions – follow her page. Happy parenting, you are doing amazing! 

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