Priyanka Yadav: A full-time working professional and a mother

Meet Priyanka Yadav, a working professional and a full-time mother.


How easy it is to balance work life and a kid together for a working professional?

I don’t think it is easy to play the role of a working professional as well as a mother but one has to manage both aspects of life to keep going. As a parent, you will always have your kid running on your mind no matter what you are up to in life. So, it might look difficult but I believe you get better with time and your kids also starts adjusting to make your life more sorted and comfortable ahead.

What is the best experience of your parenthood journey?

Every experience of this journey is beautiful in my experience. Each day you come experience a lot of beautiful moments and it is hard to describe which moment is the best. Parenthood is all about enjoying the journey and flowing swiftly no matter what experience comes your way and I am totally in love with this new phase of my life.

What are the do’s and don’ts of parenting according to you?

I believe every parent is perfect in their own way. They always want the best for their child and when the intentions are good everything else doesn’t really matter. So, in my experience do’s and don’ts in parenting are different for each parent as honestly, there isn’t any right way of doing it. Also, mo matter how much you plan things are going to move as they are supposed to move and not how you want them to move. So, it is better to go with the flow and adapt to the changes gradually.

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What values you want your child to learn?

I want my kid to be exploratory and be as curious as possible. I always want him to have a zeal to learn new things. Other than that I would want him to be a good human being and be humble enough to admit he has made a mistake and learn from life experiences.

Describe your parenthood journey so far in one line.

So far, it has been wonderful. I have no regrets at all of having a child and it has been a great experience.

How do you feel about your kid growing old?

Oh, they grow very fast. As parents, we always look forward to our kids growing up but tend to cherish their younger phase more. Also, I feel as parents we are never enough ready to get used to a child’s ever changing phase. I am eagerly looking forward to each of his phase with the same amount of curiosity and happiness I had for his previous phases so that he never feel discouraged or demotivated in life.

What Is the best thing about parenthood?

Kids bring a lot of joy to your life. If you are willing to learn they are going to teach you how to live better and be happy no matter what in life. There is so much to learn from kids and imply their lessons to become better as a person in life.

What is that one quality you want your kid to always have?

The ability to bounce back after failures and be confident in life are the qualities that I want my kid to have. Not just kid but every individual should have these qualities to grow on various levels in life.

Is it okay to pressurize children and disregard their opinions and feelings?

No, it is not okay to pressurize children and disregard their opinions and feelings because I don’t think adults are smarter than kids. I believe in treating everyone on an individual level irrespective of how old they are. My child’s consent and all his likes and dislikes equally matters to me. I respect his choice whether it is concerning food, clothes or something else. Pressurizing kids is not cool. It doesn’t even work on adults but yes, if it is concerning their well being and safety then pressurizing them in moderation is required.

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What message you have for other parents?

All parents are directed towards a common goal. Whether you are a working professional or not, we all are trying our best in giving our kids a comfortable and happy life. We all are trying are best to take utmost care of our kids and I don’t think any parent would need anyone’s advice. All they need is love, patience and admiration from each other and the society at large.

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