Raining Outside? Try these 4 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids!

It’s peak monsoon season which means it’s mostly raining outside and there’s no way kids can go out and play outdoor games. Facing a similar situation? Looking for ideas to keep your kids engaged at home while it’s raining outside? Take a look at our 4 highly suggested indoor activities for kids to keep them engaged at home.

Play hide and seek at home

Kids love to play games. Playing hide and seek with your kids is one of the easiest ways to keep them entertained at home. Moreover, the game helps kids consciously prepare for the unknown and lets them easily connect with participants to play the game.

How to keep kids engaged at home


Gardening is fun and it teaches us the art of becoming patient as an individual. Involving your kids in gardening activities like composting, sowing seeds, trimming, and watering plants will help you keep your kids not just engaged but also impart beautiful lessons of life revolving around becoming more connected with nature and growing their food using natural ingredients.

Indoor activities to keep kids engaged at home

Reading books: Classic Indoor Activities for kids

Books can have a positive impact on your child’s brain development. Giving time to your kids and reading meaningful books with them will not just help you keep them entertained for a longer period but will also help in imparting moral values and life lessons to them.

You can also opt for reading comics or storybooks with your kids and spend quality time with them on days they can’t step out to play outdoor games with their little friends.

Indoor activity for kids: Reading session for kids
Reading Books or Storytelling is one of the best indoor activities for kids.

Exercise: Physical Indoor Activities for kids

Physical fitness is important not just for adults but for kids too. Helping your kids develop a habit of exercising regularly can keep your kids physically healthy and active in their growing years.

Furthermore, regular exercise can even help them stay away from obesity and other diseases that arise out of unhealthy body weight. Make sure you exercise with them to have them look forward to daily exercise and stay fit and active.

Dance activity at home to keep kids engaged

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