Ready for the big day? First day of preschool checklist

Seeing your baby getting ready for their first day of preschool can be a different feeling altogether. This feeling can be both exciting and overwhelming for parents, most parents get anxious about how their little kids will react in a new environment with no familiar faces around.

Finding a preschool that treats your little one as their own with full responsibility is the only solution to relieving your anxiety. However, packing preschool classroom essentials for your preschooler to feel comfortable on their first day of school can also help you in multiple ways.

Below are all the necessary items you will need to pack for your baby’s first and every day of preschool:

    1. Lunch Box with Home-cooked Food

Packing home-cooked food and your child’s favourite snacks in their lunch box is the best way to help your child start to feel comfortable on the first day of preschool. Try not to focus too much on healthy lunch options as you don’t want your preschooler to feel disheartened on their first day of school. Prioritize focus on adding your child’s favourite foods to their lunch box and giving them options to choose from.

Preschooler showing her lunchbox on the first day of preschool

    2. Water-Bottle

Most preschoolers are comfortable drinking water from water bottles instead of glasses. This is why parents should consider packing water bottles for their little ones in their school bags. Make sure you pack their regular water bottle on the first day of school, as your kids will find it easier to open it and sip water whenever they want.

    3. A Bunch of Diapers and Wipes

Most preschoolers are not potty trained, and hence, they would need to wear a diaper in school to keep themselves dry and clean from all the mess. Just to be on the safe side, try and pack a bunch of diapers for your preschoolers in their school bag every day. This small step will save your kid from feeling embarrassed for relieving themselves and messing up their clothes when they are not wearing a diaper at school. Don’t forget to send along diaper creams and wipes to keep your child free from diaper rashes and other skin allergies.

Preschool Classroom Essentials
Packing these Classroom Essentials on the first day of preschool can help your child feel more comfortable

    4. Extra Clothes and Undergarments 

Extra clothes and undergarments are the most important preschool classroom essentials to pack in your kid’s school bag. This will help the preschool staff take the best care of your child and keep them dry and comfortable to the best of their ability. You can also add a raincoat and towels along with extra clothing essentials to keep your kid rain-ready.

     5. Bedsheets and Blankets

Preschoolers have a hard time staying awake at school. They get tired from all the playing and crying and, hence, might end up falling asleep. You should pack a bedsheet and a blanket as well to help your child feel cozy while sleeping at school. 

Preschool Classroom Essentials
Pack a bedsheet and a blanket for naptime at school

    6. Face Towels and Handkerchiefs 

Preschoolers can behave very crankily on their initial days of school. Packing face towels and handkerchiefs in their school bag will help their caregivers at the school keep their faces clean from all the tears, sweating, and nasal discharge.

     7. Medicines

If your child is on any medication, please let the school staff know about it beforehand. Pack all the medicines along with a note to let your child’s caregivers know about the timings and dosage for each medicine.

Preschool Classroom Essentials
Packing Preschool Essentials helps children adjust into the new environment seamlessly

The early days of preschool can be a little uncomfortable for you and your little one. But with the right care, comfort, and lots of love, it is hardly going to take a few days for your child to get adjusted to their preschool environment and look forward to entering kindergarten and meeting their teachers and new friends.

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