Reasons why your kids should be participating in Comic-Con

Comic-con by Jollee has now officially begun. This exciting event starts on November 1st, 2022, to help more kids participate, have fun and compete for the prize. With Comic-con, team Jollee aims at keeping your kids entertained while helping you get enough quality time to spend with them. Enhancing their imagination, as well as vocabulary skills, are other possible outcomes of your kids participating in Comic-con.

Here are other reasons why you and your kids should be participating in Comic-con:


Wondering if you will be able to make it to the offline event. Worry not! Comic-con is your go-to event that will be conducted not just offline but online as well. All you have to do is follow @jollee.says on Instagram and help your kids participate in any category of their choice.

Exciting Prizes

Yes, you read that right! We have exciting prizes for the winners of the Comic-con fest. Participate now and stand a chance to win some exciting prizes.

A plethora of interesting games

We have interesting games and activities for your kids to have fun and remain excited. They can get dressed as their favourite superheroes, recite comics, or tell us why they like a certain superhero. All this and much more and worry not, we have a contest for you as well. This contest will let parents like you narrate an incident where you saw your kid showcasing the qualities and attributes of a superhero. And guess what? You get a chance to be featured as well.

Easy to find superhero costumes

Looking for superhero costumes for your little ones? If yes, then browse through all our products only on the Jollee app.

The app will simplify your browsing experience by displaying only relevant and vetted products. Don’t believe us? Download the Jollee app now by clicking Here and experience it for yourself.

Early bird offer

Yes, we do have an early bird offer. This offer will let you shop on the Jollee app at an extra discounted rate. Now you can shop for superhero costumes for your kids and help them achieve the look of their favourite superheroes to participate in the Comic-con event.

Sounds interesting, right?

And yes, don’t forget to tag us and other parents too on your social media posts. Team Jollee would love to feature your Comic-con post on our social media pages!

All this and much more! Participate now!

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